Starting an Internet Business from Home – 5 Strategies to Minimize Distractions

I have recently started an internet business from home. Lack of experience and lack of knowledge are not the reasons I’m moving at a snail’s pace towards my dreams, but lack of focus on the important business building activities that should be occupying the little time have to grow my business.

I love the internet, and if you’re reading this article, you probably do too. I delight in researching every idea that comes my way. I want to download every ebook I come across, watch every video that catches my attention, and read every email in my inbox. I want to know it all, experience it all, and then make a fortune without any effort at all!

Just joking.

I have recently deployed 5 strategies that are helping me focus on my business building activities and minimizing the distractions I seem to encounter daily. You may find these strategies useful as well.

1 Follow expert advise. I have found mentors that are successful with their home based internet businesses, and I have chosen for now to restrict myself to following their sage wisdom and expert advise.

2 Create activity goals. I am determined to spend 2 hours a day working on my business – not 2 hours a day on the internet. Consistent forward action is my goal.

3 Participate only in selected educational forums. I am still learning, and my time is limited, so I participate only in those forums that will help me achieve my goals.

4 Delete emails. I don’t want to unsubscribe to all the lists I’m on, but I can’t afford the time it takes to read every email that comes my way.

5 Focus, focus, focus on what’s important. When I’m no longer moving at a snail’s pace towards my dreams, I can resume online researching if I want.

In summary, if you find you’re too easily distracted as I am, deploying these 5 strategies will help you focus and will only benefit your internet business

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