Internet Marketing Business - 10 Things All Newbies Should Know

1) The Internet Marketing arena continues to expand at an unparalleled rate. There are thousands of new people joining the World Wide Web for the first time every day! Talk about an evergreen market!

2) If you are a beginning Internet Marketer or new to the Web, you have an ever expanding market place which means you have time to learn the tricks of the trade without the market potential passing you by. Your timing couldn't be better!

3) Some industries are in decline because they have outlived their usefulness. The Pony Express gave way to the US Mail and now email is changing the landscape again. Internet use and therefore Internet Marketing are on a sharp incline. Now is the time to get started in this revolutionary business.

4) If you aren't considering Internet Marketing, you really should be. If you want to be prepared for tomorrow, you need to be part of Internet Marketing today. Today's benefits aren't so bad either!

5) People are making their car payment to enjoying total financial freedom and everything in between, online right now. All it takes is a laptop and an Internet connection and you can take care of business anywhere in the world!

6) The new Millennium has certainly changed the way we do a lot of things. Instead of applying for a job, and waiting to see if the employer will pick you and put you to work, you can go online and apply to numerous companies that offer an affiliate program and go to work immediately and name your own salary!

7) Affiliate Marketing is an excellent opportunity because companies that offer products and/or services to the consuming public will pay you to spread the word about their offerings for them. They provide the product or service, they take care of warehousing, shipment, handle returns and provide customer service. All you have to do is advertise, send them customers and get paid!

8) You can build a successful Online Business for mere pennies on the dollar of what traditional "brick & mortar" businesses cost. That is due in large part to the fact that there is no "brick & mortar" expense, no huge capital investment to gamble on.

You can test a marketing campaign in just a few days and completely scrap it if it is unsuccessful. The same thing in the "brick & mortar" world would take months and a huge investment of money, time and effort and could ultimately be unsuccessful as well.

9) You can build a web site much faster and cheaper than you can build an offline, traditional store. You can be up & running in a few minutes to a few days depending on the web site. There is NO comparison to traditional retail stores. Advantage - Internet!

10) GET HELP! If you are just starting out in Internet Marketing, you are a barefoot pilgrim! You need help! Find someone that knows the ropes and is willing to mentor you while you learn the ropes. Emulate someone who is successful at Internet Marketing and you will be successful as well.

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