Making Money Online For Beginners

Have you ever considered getting into a home based business? The mere thought of trying to create a stream of income on the Internet sends chills down the spines of most average human beings. Making money online is simply not considered possible for "the average joe" these days. There are 2 main reasons why people don't take the first step into online business. One is money - they think it costs too much ( in many cases it does). The other reason is knowledge.

Or should I say, the lack of knowledge? Most people don't have any idea how net-business works. I mean, who knows how to get started making money on the Internet? It is a bit unclear isn't it? If you don't have someone to take you by the hand and show you how it's done then you are most likely going to bungle it unless you are an "Einstein." But take heart, it's not as bad as you might think. The Internet does offer many legitimate opportunities for building a realistic income right from your own home computer and it doesn't require huge amounts of money or a degree in web-based business to get started.

So, how does a newcomer to online business start the process of jumping aboard the money-making train? Let's start with finances. How much money do we want to fork over to get this train moving? Just because the start up costs are cheap does not mean you will be saving money. In fact, most of the time just the opposite is true, you will be wasting money. Generally speaking, I would stay away from eBooks and "how to" courses that you download off the net. Sure they are cheap, but you've heard the saying, "Ya get what ya pay for" right? Well, there's a reason why they say that. It's usually true! And in a lot of cases, these things are just outright frauds. With these products you will get your download and then a pat on the back by the seller saying "See ya later!", then you are basically on your own. So, what happens when there's something there you don't understand? What happens if you are unfamiliar with the terminology being used? What happens if you're like me, and don't have the patience to analyze page after page of bone-dry text? I can't count the number of eBooks, get rich quick schemes, and outright scams I have bought online. Then I sat there scratching my head, blinking like an owl, wondering why it didn't work for me.

The problem with most of these quick download products is that they don't provide any kind of support structure, whether it be online, phone or email (all three would be ideal). And that is exactly what a neophyte needs when getting involved in a home based business for the first time. The beginner needs someone that knows what they are doing to give them some backup if they get stuck. If you want to get into a worthy online venture which has a good support network, you will have to make a moderate investment. Good news is, it will not necessarily suck your bank account down to the last drop. Almost anyone can afford some of the effective programs that are on the net these days.

Now let's get down to some nuts and bolts. To make any substantial amount of money online you will absolutely need to have a website. And what's more, you are going to need something to sell with your website. Now don't panic. You will not need to design and build your own website from scratch unless you really want to. In which case, I say go ahead and give it a try. Just be warned, it takes time and knowledge to build a good website from the ground up. But there are alternatives if you are like me and would rather let somebody else do the "heavy lifting." I suggest looking for one of the many opportunities on the web that will provide you a website and a product to sell with that website.

Bear with me now, I'm going to rattle off a few things here. If you have ever heard the phrase "turnkey website", you may be familiar with one of, if not the premier way for beginners to make money online. A turnkey website is a website that is largely already set up and ready to go, with maybe just some minor customizing needing to be made. Think of it this way, it's like a house that has already been furnished with everything you would need for living in it. All you have to do is move in and rearrange the furniture the way you like, or maybe paint the walls the a different color. In a lot cases, these turnkey websites are provided by companies running their own affiliate programs. An affiliate program is where you enter into an agreement with a company to advertise a product or service for them and in return receive a commission when you sell that product or service. Thus, you would be an affiliate of that company. These turnkey affiliate programs are an ideal way for beginners to get started in Internet marketing because the buyer is set up with a fully functional website ready to make sales online; and the investment required is relatively small. There are thousands of people making money online right now with turnkey website-based affiliate programs. Just Google "affiliate programs" or "turnkey websites" and see what you find.

Another way many rookies make money online are direct-sales programs. In direct-sales programs the new webmaster is given a pre-built website and a product to sell with that website. The product is entirely owned by the new webmaster. It's a little different than the turnkey method, in that you can actually set up your own web hosting and domain name for your new website. This is great because you can "brand" your website with your own unique domain name ( example: www.domain and optimize it for search engines such as Google, which in turn can increase traffic flow to the website and consequently increase sales. These direct-sales programs usually include training in marketing techniques and include a variety of internet advertising tools so the website owner can sell directly to the customer. There is no commission involved here. In direct-sales programs the website owner gets 100 percent of all sales.

One direct-sales program that I like for it's simplicity of design, in depth training, and responsive support network (online, email and phone), is called IPC Instant Cash. For the most part, it's a turnkey-based online marketing system that uses the direct sales model. With IPC Instant Cash you will get your own website and product to sell. Thousands of investors are taking advantage of this system, a great number of them being "newbies". If you are really looking for a home-based business that is suitable for entry level entrepreneurs, which furnishes a complete system, a decent product to sell, and an all inclusive training package, this program is a good choice. The IPC Instant Cash program walks you through the online marketing process and shows you exactly how to set up your website so that it can start making money online for you as quickly as possible. Many members make their first sale just hours after getting started. There are not many programs that provide a complete package like this system does for slightly under $100.

Another program I will mention is Profit Lance, which is structured to be more like an affiliate program. This system sets the buyer up with multiple affiliate projects, but usually takes longer to produce a realistic income because the payment process with affiliate programs is slower than with direct-sales programs. This can sometimes be a problem for beginners who may be impatiently waiting to see results and get paid. Affiliate programs sometimes take up to 60 days to pay their representatives. However, with IPC Instant Cash the reps are paid immediately through a payment process that is set up to deposit directly to their account, which gives them instant access to their money.

The main thing for beginners to keep in mind when searching for a home based business that has a realistic chance for making money online is, go slow and choose carefully. There are programs out there that do make money online. But in contrast, there are many scams, frauds, and get rich quick schemes that will separate you from you money so fast your head will spin. So be thoughtful and perform your due diligence. Google is a great source of information for anything you might be interested in. Use it! Don't reach for the first flickering jewel you come across because some of those flickering jewels will burn you. Recognize that you will have to put effort into any online marketing program in order to get rewards from it. Sometimes it just takes time to learn the basics of online marketing, which causes a lot of newcomers to give up before they can reach that point of "critical mass". Unfortunately most beginners have unrealistic expectations of large amounts of money flowing into their account from day one. I have yet to find a program online that will speed down the information superhighway making tons of money for me while I sit back watching tv. Give it some time, keep working at it, and don't give up! Last but not least remember, you will have to take that first step if you want to get your online income stream flowing. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. If you do nothing, nothing will change. Good luck, and all the best!

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