A Review of Pay–Per-Click Domination

Jim Yaghi recently came out with a video course on pay-per-click advertising specifically targeted to network marketers and I had the privilege to be part of the beta group that had the first opportunity to benefit from the program. Jim Yaghi is a protégé of Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring fame and in this course he details how he used Google pay-per-click to explode his business online. In this article, I will provide you some background about Jim Yaghi, provide some details about the course, and help you decide if this course is for you.

Who Is Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is the # 1 affiliate for the “Magnetic Sponsoring” ebook by Mike Dillard. That has got to tell you that this guy knows his stuff. He started out in network marketing in July 2006 knowing absolutely nothing and through trial and error with newspaper advertising, Ebay advertising and then Google ads, he became a very successful internet network marketer.

What Do You Get

Included in the course you get a series of 14 online video, 3 pdf format resources, and 2 recorded Q&A calls. The videos are very detailed and take you step-by-step through the process of developing a successful and profitable Google ad campaign. And you don’t have to be a techie to understand what Jim goes through. He assumes that you are a newbie so everything is covered and no knowledge is assumed. The format of the videos is the tutorial followed by a hands on workshop where you do the steps that Jim has just taught you. By the time you finish the course, your specifically targeted Google ad campaign is ready for launch.

Video Series

Forward Video – About Jim Yaghi. In this video Jim provides some background about himself and his history from university student to successful internet network marketer.

I. Preparing To Advertise

Video 1: Introduction: The Sales Funnel. Jim goes through the components of a good internet selling system which includes a lead generation page, a sales letter, an auto responder, and a funded proposal product.

Video 2: The Perfect Prospect. Jim gives you the questions to ask yourself regarding who would be the perfect prospect for your business and who your target market is. He then describes the marketing relationship that you will develop with this prospect and how. This section is key for creating a targeted Google ad campaign.

Video 3: Domain Names: Getting Your Internet Street Address. In this video, Jim provides some great tips on how to choose the most appropriate domain name for your internet network marketing business.

Video 4: Landing Pages: How to Create a Welcome Mat that Turns Visitors into Friends. In this video, Jim talks about the purpose of a landing page and the key components of a landing page. Jim then helps you develop your landing page.

II. AdWords Concepts

Video 5: Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing. Jim goes into the basics of pay per click advertising.

Video 6: Getting a Hang of the Basics: How to Setup Your Google Account for the First Time. Jim shows you how to setup your Google account and shows you how to set up your first ad and campaign.

Video 7: The AdWords Command Center: A Guided Tour of the AdWords Interface. Jim goes through the AdWords interface and helps you to refine your ads.

Video 8: Targeting Prospects to Capture: How to Match Keywords to Search Strings. Jim goes into how to target your prospects with various strategies including using the different keyword and keyword phrase matching options provided by Google.

Video 9: The 3 Minute Work Day: How to Use Split-Testing to Slash Click Cost and Boost Returns. In this video, Jim details how to make your ads more effective with an eye to reducing your cost of conversion. Jim shows you how to do split-testing. He also gives you a 3-minute routine to do every day to tweak your Google ad campaigns to increase ad effectiveness and reduce ad costs.

Video 10: Finding the Hot Buttons: How to Write Effective Sponsored Ads. In this video, Jim shows you how to write an effective ad.

III. Increasing Exposure with Keywords

Video 11: Keyword Reconnaissance: How to Uncover the “Money” Keyword Terms. This video really gets into the keywords that are relevant to the network marketer.

Video 12: Keyword Reconnaissance 2: Tools for Keyword Research. In this video, Jim goes into more detail regarding keywords for network marketers. He also describes a number of keyword research tools that you can use to fine-tune your Google ad keywords.

Conclusion Video. Jim provides his closing remarks and suggestions as to how to get started and the marketing budget you should start out with.

Additional Resources

· Stage1: The Pain Mind Map. This describes the different pain points experienced by unsuccessful network marketers. This is key in targeting your prospects.

· Stage 2: General Network Marketing Information Queries. These are the searches that someone that is just starting out researching network marketing or business opportunities on the web would make.

· Stage 3: Queries Specific To Opportunity. These are the searches that someone that is further along in their network marketing or business opportunity research would make and would include the company name.


Jim Yaghi’s PPC Domination is a comprehensive video course that covers pay per click advertising for the network marketer whether they are a newbie or an experienced internet advertiser. The step-by-step guidance in the tutorials and the homework assignment helps the student to come out with an effective targeted Google ad campaign upon completion of the course. What makes this really relevant to the network marketer is this course is specifically for the network marketer and provides keyword ideas that are not covered in any other course. I would highly recommend this for any network marketer who wants to kickstart their internet network marketing business. I would also recommend it to those network marketers who are building their internet network marketing business with social media and attraction marketing as those techniques take some time to generate traffic while a properly tweaked Google AdWords program can generate traffic almost immediately. The final version of the Pay Per Click Domination course is launching shortly (January 19, 2009) so make sure you keep an eye out for it.

While you are waiting for the release, if you want to see some videos on the results for Pay Per Click Domination, please go to the following website address http://www.webtrafficjuggernaut.com/vlt/links/79098.

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