4 Guaranteed Ways To Fail In Network Marketing

The failure rate in network marketing is staggering – at least 97% of network marketing reps fail to make money or recover their investment in the first place.

Actually, the problem is NOT with the network marketing industry but rather with the failure mentality of people who get into the business. (If you fail in an examination, you can’t blame the teachers or the system because at the end of the day, the only person who can study hard and pass the exam is only YOU).

There are four roads to failure in network marketing. They all have to do with your mindset. Have these mindsets, and you are guaranteed to have roadblocks between you and your success.

(1) People looking for an easy path to wealth

Nothing is given to you for free. Some people think that network marketing is like a free win in Las Vegas, where you put in a few quarters and you get a jackpot in return. However, this is not how things work

(2) They believe that if you start high, you won’t have to work very hard

Some network marketing businesses allow you to purchase a higher status which lets you buy more products at a lower rate to sell to your customers, and therefore giving you larger commission checks. But starting a bit higher doesn’t mean that you skipped over having to work hard. Instead, you have more invested up front. Therefore, you need to work even harder to recover the investment you put into your business. You may have bought yourself a higher rank, but you have not bought your downline.

(3) Waiting for profit from your upline

Sitting and waiting for your upline to place downlines under your group is another way to fail. It’s easy to get caught in this mindset, especially under binary structured plans. By relying on others as a crutch, you will fail. Even if your upline creates downlines for you in your network, they are just a perk. You didn’t earn them; they are a gift. It’s not your upline’s job to build a team for you. If they do provide you with representatives, it’s a benefit for their network more than yours.

(4) They don’t want to build a strong network

This business is called network marketing for a reason. Building a network takes time and energy. A half-hearted effort brings half-hearted results. Corporate successes didn’t make it to the top by coming in late, leaving early and wearing flip-flops to the office. Network marketing representatives succeed by working hard and by selling their business.

Don’t let these four paths to failure become your paths. Work hard and put in the time, and you will succeed in your network marketing business.

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