999 money making ideas part 2

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101. Begin an enterprise which sells garden gates door-to-door. On your sales trip take with you a smart folder which has a large photograph of each gate you are selling. Provide potential customers with a price which includes installation.

102. Start a home-based computer bureau. There are hundreds of business computer programs available such as wages, record files and accounts. Buy and use these programs to provide a computer service to local businesses.

103. Set up a business which promotes the making of lampshades. Lampshade making can be sold as either an interesting hobby or a business opportunity. Produce a mail order catalogue of lampshade making equipment and supplies. Advertise your catalogue in crafts magazines.

104. begin a computerised dating service. Operate this service like a traditional dating service but, hold all your records on computer and use the computer to aid your search for compatible partners. Have leaflets printed and place them in shops and advertise your service in the personal messages section of your local newspapers.

105. Be a sleep consultant. Large numbers of people have difficulty in sleeping at night. This is not usually a medical problem but can be corrected by using a suitable method or attitude of mind. Provide people in your area with confidential advice about how to sleep soundly.

106. Start a venture which designs and manufactures portable theatre footlights. Potential buyers include: amateur theatre and dance groups, rock groups, children's entertainers, variety entertainers, nightclubs and mobile disk jockeys.

107. Rent computers to private business users. The computers you rent might be new and/or second hand. Also rent out peripherals such as printers, stands and sheet feeders. Use local media to inform potential customers about your service.

108. Buy original computer games programs from home computer enthusiasts. Find these programs by advertising in computing magazines. Produce a compilation of the programs on a master floppy disk. Have copies of this disk made and sell from ads in home computing

109. Produce a series of low cost audio cassettes which help school pupils revise for public examinations. You might give these cassettes a brand name like 'Personal School Revision Cassettes". Get them stocked at newsagents and bookshops.

110. Set up a firm which publishes a monthly computer diskette program for home computer enthusiasts who want to improve their programme writing skills. Each cassette might give ideas, examples and tips about how to become a better computer programmer.

111. Organise educational holidays and weekend breaks for computer enthusiasts who want to further their programming skills. The courses might be held at a bed and breakfast house out of season. Advertise in computing magazines.

112. Design and publish diaries for each star sign. The special feature of these diaries is that a star reading is given for each day of the coming year. Have these diaries mounted in a special display rack. Get a wide range of shops to accept your racks.

113. Use luminous paint of the kind used on watches and alarm clocks to highlight figures on natural
ornaments such as starfish, coral, colourful rocks, pine cones, etc. Place these in a sheltered display case to illustrate their luminosity. Have display cases on show at gift shops.

114. Start an enterprise which makes a high quality, home-made paper. Sell the paper at a premium for use as : Personal stationery, certificate presentation scrolls, printing paper for manually operated printing presses, etc.

115. Bring out a selection of lucky charms which are for hanging from windscreens of cars, vans and lorries. They might be mini horse shoes, rabbits feet, wooden or plastic number sevens, four-leaf clovers, etc. Package your lucky charms to distribute to a wide range of retailers.

116. Manufacture kits for making mosaics. Each kit will have a pre-designed mosaic and people will have to complete it like a jigsaw puzzle. Use ads in craft magazines to sell kits by mail order.

117. Sell greenhouses door-to-door. Buy the greenhouses from manufacturers at trade prices. Produce sales literature and recruit sales people to sell the greenhouses for you.

118. Start a postal business which rents out war gaming model soldiers and other accessories. War gaming enthusiasts can use this service to play war games of any size from any period of history.

119. If you have a spare room, take in a lodger or start a small-scale bed and breakfast business. If you choose the latter, either place a sign outside your house which reads 'Bed and Breakfast' or advertise in the windows of newsagents and in the classified ad columns of newspapers.

120. Earn money from anatomical charts. Use the charts to : 1) Make stylish framed prints. 2) Make unusual designs for T-shirts. 3) Decorate household products such as wastepaper bins and lampshades. 4) Make decorative or educational posters. or 5) Make a collection of educational slides.

121. Make decorations for wine bottles. Each decoration is slipped over the neck of a bottle. These decorations are either wood carved or metal engraved with the name of a restaurant or family. Or, make floral decorations, the scent of the flowers complimenting the bouquet of the wine.

122. Start a crafts business which makes unusual table lamps. Each lamp might feature a stand made of a conch shell, for example, or a Victorian bottle. If you hit upon a design which is popular, and their are no problems for obtaining raw materials, this can become a full-time business.

123. Take up the craft of jewellery making and as soon as you acquire a basic skill, start selling what you make. Begin by sending for a catalogue issued by a mail order jewellery making supplier.

124. Start a mail order firm which sells equipment and supplies to weavers and spinners. An important market will be those taking up weaving and spinning for the first time. Place ads in crafts magazines which are directed at this group.

125. Produce souvenir children's height charts which feature postcard-type views of local scenery. Or do souvenir suntan charts. These suntan charts have a complete range of skin shades. A holiday-maker buys a suntan chart to make a before and after comparison.

126. Compile a postal course which teaches people how to cut silhouettes. The course might include instruction on how to cut all kinds of silhouettes such as landscapes, animals and people. These silhouettes can be framed or mounted to make attractive wall-hangings.

127. Organise courses about how to build your own house extension or loft conversion. Hold the courses during the weekends at the construction site of an extension or conversion. Or a bed and breakfast house could be hired out of season for a week-long course.

128. Begin a crafts business which makes either souvenir or normal tea cosies. Find suitable retail outlets to stock your cosies. You might, for example, make souvenir tea cosies for tearooms and cafes to sell to their customers.

129. Sell cheap toys door-to-door. Visit neighbourhoods which have an above average population of children.

130.Learn how to make soft toys with the long term objective of being able to earn money from teaching others. Eventually, teach solo students, classes or use diagrams to teach people by post. Also begin a postal course which teaches people how to design their own soft toys.

131. Become a calligrapher of poems. Earn money from calligraphing poems to commission for poets and sweethearts. a) Classic poems like 'Desederata', 'Charge of the Light Brigade', etc, and selling them as gift products. b) Poems of local origin and selling them as souvenirs.

132. If you have the artistic ability to sketch or do ink drawings of private houses there is certainly money to be made here. get work by calling on households in the nicer looking parts of town and showing potential customers samples of your work. Also offer a framing service.

133. Commission an artist to do a series of designs for saucy postcards. Arrange for the postcards to be printed. Mount the cards on small racks and distribute these to retailers at tourist resorts.

134. Become a portrait artist and work in a thoroughfare of a shopping or tourist area.

135. Publish a 'Who's Who of Business Opportunities'. Sell advertising space in this publication to business opportunity firms. Use direct mail and ads in the business opportunity press to sell advertising space and the finished publication.

136. Open a small private school of art. Employ artists to teach courses about different kinds of art from oil painting to pottery. Offer holiday courses, individual tuition and evening and weekend classes.

137. Earn from illustrating personal names in the style of Dickens' illustrator George Cruikshank. Do work at: tourist sites, shopping thoroughfares, fairs, exhibitions, etc. Also do illustrations by post and offer a service which reproduces your work on personal stationery.

138. Found an agency for all artists, such as painters, illustrators, pottery workers and sculptors. Provide work for the artists and specialise in contacting businesses which might not have considered using artists. For example, arrange for morals to be painted in staff canteens and sports clubs.

139. Begin a mail order firm which promotes the collecting of wine bottle labels. Assemble a wide
selection of labels and compile a catalogue. In your catalogue also include, starter packs, albums, framed labels, etc. Collect the labels from used wine bottles from wine bars and hotels.

140. Start a business which sells custom designed drinks bars from home. Operate this business in a similar style to firms which sell fitted wardrobes or kitchens.

141. Establish a direct mail business which sells products to pubs, wine bars and hotel bars. The products in your catalogue might include: books and booklets about making cocktail drinks, quizzes for contests, promotion ideas, pub games, etc.

142. Set up a mail order business which sells equipment and supplies for making herbal drinks at home. This could be an interesting and healthy hobby for anyone to take up. Produce a small catalogue and advertise in a wide range of publications.

143. Operate a children's lucky dip at markets and crafts fairs. This would consist of a box of wood shavings mixed with small toys in wrapping paper. A child or their parent pays a standard charge, for example, one pound and the child takes out a wrapped toy.

144. If you are familiar with electronics, start a mail order business which sells electronic kits, components and accessories. If possible bring out your own electronic kits. To obtain other products get some letterheads printed and write to trade suppliers at home and abroad.

145. Make a wide range of electrical extension leads. Make extra long leads for people with large gardens, for business make industrial extension leads which are up to 1000 feet in length. Get shops and trade suppliers to accept orders for you.

146. Open a school for disk jockeys. Offer potential students different courses for radio, night-clubs, mobile discos, hospital radio and pirate radio. Give students tuition: in classes, on a one-to-one basis, or correspondence courses and through audio cassettes.

147. Supply a fortune teller or numerologist for parties and weddings. A visiting fortune teller makes a party or wedding reception more entertaining for guests.

148. Become a photographers agent. Sell the work of amateur photographers for a commission. As an agent, your knowledge of the best place to sell photographs at home and abroad could lead to some amateurs becoming published photographers.

149. Begin a mail order business which sells folk crafts. Pick a national group such as the Scots, Welsh or Irish. Put together hampers and folk craft products which capture the essence of your chosen group. Have a catalogue printed and advertise it around the world.

150. Set up a postal enterprise which sells signed photographs of celebrities. Or, if a particular celebrity is in demand, offer to donate money to charity if X number of signed photographs are sent to you.

151. Make a toffee of your own design and add a stick to make a toffee lollipop. Get them stocked at newsagents and confectioners or sell from a stall at markets, fairs and exhibitions.

152. Set up a school of 'Self-selling'. Teach students at your school how to sell themselves and impress, for example: The opposite sex, work colleagues, job interviewers, etc. Hold classes, give individual tuition, or teach people through audio cassettes or correspondence courses.

153. Start a mail order firm which sells plans, books and supplies to origami hobbyists. Advertise your catalogue in crafts magazines.

154. Be a professional family affairs adviser. Just as a careers adviser gives advice on career improvement and development, your service gives advice on improving the future of an entire family. The advice might be about finance, careers, education, relationships, etc.

155. Design and make leather stamp wallets for philatelists. These would be for keeping duplicates and stamps for sale. The wallets might vary in size from the pocket to the desktop. Sell through stamp shops and adverts in stamp magazines.

156. Start a mail order business which sells fund-raising accessories. For example: booklets about fund-raising ideas, bingo calling machines, scratch cards and many, many others. Produce a catalogue about your goods and send it to clubs, societies, associations and schools.

157. Put together a debt collection training course for small businesses. Every small business is a potential client. A key selling point is that the cost of the course should be quickly recovered from the more efficient collection of debts.

158. Write and publish a book about betting on horses. In this book, include details of betting systems and suggestions about how to assess the likely performance of horses. Sell copies of your book to horse racing punters from newspaper ads or by direct mail.

159. Produce a series of audio cassettes about how to stop or reduce vices and bad habits. The cassettes might have titles like : 'How to Stop Snoring', 'How to Cut Down on Drinking', 'How to
Pack Up Gambling', 'How to Stop Smoking', etc. Sell the cassettes by mail order and through a wide range of shops.

160. Put together a correspondence course about how to become an amateur magician. The aim would be teach people who to do numerous basic tricks. It would be a foundation course for amateur magicians. Also sell the products that magicians tricks require.

161. Package selections of empty matchboxes. Distribute these to newsagents to sell to children who collect empty matchboxes. Or get them stocked at specialists collectors outlets such as stamp and modelling shops.

162. Set up a business which produces a selection of novelty packets of seeds for garden weeds. These seeds might have the same as stinkbombs. Sell through gift or joke shops.

163. Start an enterprise which delivers table flowers on a regular basis to : restaurants, hair salons, dental surgeries, offices, etc. Call on these places to sell your services.

164. Earn money by selling cactuses door-to-door. Carry them in a cinema usherette-type tray.

165. Start a craft business which makes a selection of cactus products. These products, such as paperweights, book ends, desk sets, etc. have live cactuses growing out of them.

166. Make concrete mini-models of cows. Each model is painted to look like a real cow. These cows are for gardeners to put on lawns to evoke the atmosphere of the countryside. Get them stocked at as many garden centres as possible.

167. Sell garden fountains to up-market householders. Produce quality sales literature and advertise in select magazines. Pay professional builders to do the building and installation work.

168. Buy ordinary plastic model kits of aircraft and boats. Construct the kits and hand paint them in their original colours. Sell the finished models from a stall at fairs and markets.

169. Bring out kits for making relief pictures with wood. For example, a kit for making a rural scene might include wooden pieces cut in the shape of: trees, animals, clouds, buildings, etc. Sell either by mail order to craftworkers or through shops which sell craft products.

170. Start a seasonal business which sells bulbs door-to-door. This business is best operated by two people: one calls on houses and the other moves a handcart full of bulbs.

171. Sell novelty trays of British soil to expatriates. This can be applied to any other nationals. Stick a tiny national flag in the soil of each tray.

172. Set up a company director exchange service. Your service arranges for one or two directors in different companies to swap places at board meetings. Use telephone or direct mail to sell your service to businesses.

173. Import specialist magazines from overseas English-speaking countries. For example: magazines relating to unusual hobbies or sport. Your task is to build up lists of subscribers in this country. Begin by writing to overseas publishers to ask if they will supply magazines in bulk at good discount.

174. Begin and build a weed removal and control round. Operate this like a window cleaning service. You might do this work yourself or employ students or retired people.

175. Put together a humorous mail order package which sells products that describe the afterlife. For example, produce a series of audio cassettes which describe exactly what it's like in heaven and hell.

176. Write and publish a series of booklets or cassettes about how to make money from flowers and plants. The titles might include: 'Starting a Florists', 'Setting up a Nursery', and 'How to Open a Garden Centre'. Advertise in gardening magazines.

177. Hire out: Window boxes, bottle gardens, exotic plants, tubs of plants and hanging baskets. Your clients will include: offices, banks, pubs, hair salons, restaurants, exhibitions, etc. Also provide your clients with a maintenance service.

178. Learn about flower arranging at evening classes then, earn money from teaching others in your own home. Give afternoon classes to pensioners and housewives. A major attraction of the classes is that they act as a social occasion.

179. Set up a production line which turns out mini-gardens in bowls and pots. Sell from your own market stall or through a range of retail outlets.

180. Design and make herb gardens for the house or garden. Produce the herb gardens in a range of different containers such as bottles, tubs, trays, large pots or hanging pots. Sell through suitable retailers or by mail order.

181. Devise a selection of scents specially designed for love letters and greeting cards. For example, the scent of roses for love letters and pine trees for Christmas cards. Set up a business which manufactures, packages and distributes the scents.

182. Bring out a range of herbal or hop filled pillows. Make pillows for different functions, for example: pillows which are an aid for people who have difficulty sleeping, siesta pillows for the garden nap, pillows for the living room and pillows which are especially designed for daydreaming.

183. Devise and organise the manufacture of cosmetics for bald heads. The vacant space on a man's bald head is not something which should be covered up but is a canvas for an artist. For example a bald head might feature wavy lines, a rainbow, sunburst, or a colour to match the eyes.

184. Begin an enterprise which manufactures old-fashioned, reliable flypaper. The novelty value of this old method of flying insect control suggests that it is time it enjoyed a revival.

185. Make wooden puzzles for children. For example, brightly painted wooden shapes have to be fitted into the corresponding hole in a block of wood. Or make a flat wooden animal like a dinosaur or rabbit. Cut this animal into lots of wooden shapes so that it is a challenge to assemble.

186. Hand-paint pictures or witty statements on small squares of wood. For example, the pictures might feature animals and the statements might be about cooking like 'Oliver Twist's Favourite Kitchen'. Add a magnet to the back of each square so that they can be stuck to fridges and other metallic surfaces.

187. Set up a mail order business which promotes the hobby of collecting seashells. Bring out a catalogue which has a large collection of seashells, collectors accessories and books about seashells.

188. Write and publish a newsletter about how to start a newsletter publishing business. Each issue of the newsletter might be a lesson about one of the various topics involved in beginning and running a successful newsletter.

189. Introduce to your area a daily home-visiting, morning make-up service. Build up a timetable of appointments with different clients. Or work for a local hotel providing a make-up service for the guests.

190. Start a mail order business which sells health improvement books, booklets and audio cassettes.
Discover what titles are available from publishers and produce your own catalogue. Also publish some of your own booklets and cassettes.

191. Earn money by selling all sorts of formulae by post. For example: formulae to DIY enthusiasts, housewives, hobbyists, craftworkers and many others. Produce either a general directory which has universal appeal or bring out specialised booklets for different markets.

192. Write and produce an audio cassette course for those who want to stop smoking. Sell this course through adverts in newspapers and magazines or by direct mail to business people.

193. Bring out a series of booklets or cassettes which have titles like : 'How to Cure Boredom', 'How to Beat Depression', 'How to Get Out of a Rut', 'How to Beat Back Pain', etc. Sell by mail order, through bookshops or other retail outlets.

194. Start a business which rents out drum kits and electric guitars. Advertise your business both in the local press and in the windows of newsagents. Provide a delivery service.

195. Make money from bringing out your own happiness plants. A happiness plant is any plant for which it can be claimed gives off an unseen aura or odour which humans find pleasing. Sell from a market stall or by mail order.

196. Found your own institute of beauty. This institute would be the beauty world's equivalent to : 1) a finishing school (for women who want to become expert in doing their own make up) and 2) a secretarial school. (for women who want a career in the beauty industry.)

197. Start a walking menu board service (A sandwich board with a giant menu on it). Sell to restaurants and cafes throughout the region. Employ students and young people to carry the boards.

198. Hire premises at a busy tourist site and take portrait photographs of tourists. Add a novelty to the photographs by, for example, dressing the tourists up in national costume. Or dress clients in Victoriana or Wild-West garb and add a sepia, aged appearance.

199. Reprint old photographs of a town and mount in attractive frames. Sell through local shops. Advertise in local press for residents who have old photographs you could pay a fee to have reproduced.

200. Produce a correspondence course which teaches about how to trace your own ancestry. Call your business a 'School of Ancestral Research'. Advertise in a wide range of publications.

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