999 money making ideas part 10

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901. Add a stand to fragments of original rock from Mount Everest and sell through gift shops or ads in mountaineering publications. You might also do the same for other major mountains.

902. Produce an audio cassette course or correspondence course about entrepreneurship. The potential market includes the hundreds of thousands of people who start their own business each year.

903. Establish a marketplace for computer hardware. On a computer or card index system list details of what sellers have to sell. Charge the sellers a fee. Place ads in computer magazines which invite telephone enquiries from people looking for computer hardware.

904. Set up a marriage bureau in your area. Provide your clients with a personal, sincere and caring service which searches for suitable life partners.

905. Open a school of computing. Rent an office and teach or employ others to teach courses about computing. The most financially rewarding courses would be those which help students to get jobs in computing.

906. Bring out an audio cassette library of limericks. This might be produced for children or young adults. Have the cassettes stocked at bookshops, toyshops and newsagents.

907. Organise courses about how to increase the profitability of a bed and breakfast business. Hold these courses at holiday resorts where there are large numbers of bed and breakfast houses.

908. If you have advanced knowledge of mathematics or computing, make an income from devising mathematical or computing puzzles. Sell these to magazines, newspapers and book publishers.

909. Set up a firm which hires out sunbeds. Use local advertising to publicise your service and offer clients a free delivery service.

910. Buy fantasy role-playing games from those who make up games as a hobby. Publish the games in a monthly newsletter and sell subscriptions to fantasy role-playing enthusiasts throughout the country.

911. Design and produce a selection of astrological badges for each star sign. Place these badges on cards or boards and distribute them to suitable retailers.

912. Start an enterprise which organises trips to sports events such as boxing contests, motor racing competitions, athletics events, etc. Your service provides the tickets and the transport. You might, for example, pay a shopkeeper to open a ticket office in his or her shop on Saturdays.
913. Earn from doing artistic hedge cutting. Advertise in the local press and in newsagents windows. Build up a list of regular customers who need their artistic hedges maintained.

914. Begin a mail order business which sells equipment and supplies for making paper at home. Use ads in craft magazines to promote this profitable hobby.

915. Start an enterprise which organises arts and crafts fairs. Find suitable venues, rent spaces to artists and craftworkers. Publicise throughout the local area.

916. Learn about the craft of making ornaments with eggshells. Make money from what you learn by bringing together a selection of supplies for selling to eggcraft hobbyists.

917. Write and publish a newsletter for those who want to start a crafts business. In each issue give addresses of craftwork buyers. Also include editorial about how to develop both a successful product and a profitable business.

918. Open a school of antique restoration. Offer potential students a choice of courses covering most aspects of restoration. Potential students will include antique collectors and dealers.
Advertise inmagazines about antiques.

919. Organise courses for those who would like to start their own crafts business. Offer students specialised courses about starting a soft-toy, for example, or pottery business. Hold courses at either crafts workshops or bed and breakfast houses during the off-season time.

920. Use prints of lunar or Martian landscapes to make unusual framed prints or posters.

921. Design and produce lapel stickers for wearing at parties. Each sticker is printed with a statement which is designed to make it easier for guests to talk to each other, for example, 'smile if you like me'. 'Can I sip your drink?', 'You have great legs' and 'I know a secret'.

922. Manufacture kits for making lamp stands decorated with shells or mosaics. Bring out a selection of kits from the very simple to the complex. Produce a catalogue and use ads in crafts magazines to sell the kits by mail order.

923. Start a craft business which makes enamelled products such as key-ring fobs, earrings, brooches, pendants, jewellery boxes, boxes for knickknacks, etc. Sell your craftwork from a stall at markets or fairs. Or if your work is of a very high standard sell it through gift shops.

924. Package pressed flowers. Each packet might contain an individual set, or unsorted selection, of pressed flowers. Attach the packets to display cards, or place in a display box and distribute to arts and crafts shops.

925. Design, produce and distribute your own brand of anti-smoking ashtray. For example, produce an ashtray which is either, a model of a cancerous lung or printed with the names of people who died on the same day from lung cancer.

926. Start a business which designs and manufactures DIY kits for building small garden swimming pools. Offer buyers a selection of sizes and sell through ads in DIY magazines.

927. Organise weekend courses for DIY enthusiasts. Provide students with practical tuition about various popular DIY projects. Advertise in DIY magazines.

928. Produce framed prints of pin-ups. These might be X-rated for sale by mail order, classic pin-ups of the 40s, 50s and 60s or contemporary pin-ups.

929. Bring together a selection of supplies for making string puppets and start a mail order business. There is already a thriving market in doll making supplies. Your business will hopefully divert some people from making dolls to making string puppets.

930. Start a service which commissions artists to do drawings of business premises or private residences. Also arrange for the drawings to be reproduced on: stationery, postcards, calendars, business cards, etc. Advertise in business publications and also do work for established printers.

931. Manufacture marbles draughts sets. Instead of a checkerboard there is a wooden board with 64 round holes. The holes become the squares of the draughtboard and the marbles sit in them. Each side has marbles of a different colour and some extra colours to use as 'kings'.

932. Produce a series of booklets or audio cassettes about ideas for saving a variety of things. For example: 'Ideas for Saving Money', 'Ideas for Saving Time', 'Ideas for Saving You the Trouble of Dieting', etc. Sell by mail order as a complete set.

933. Produce a correspondence course about cartooning. Pay a skilled cartoonist to devise the course.

934. If you have the artistic ability to become a cartoon caricaturist, earn money from doing amusing portraits at a thoroughfare of a shopping or tourist area. Or do caricatures outside football grounds on match day, at festivals, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

935. Compile and publish a year-book or 'Yellow Pages' type directory for those who want to start a business. In the directory list, for example: sources of finance, small business advisers, franchise companies, etc. Also sell advertising space to business opportunities promoters.

936. Learn the art of calligraphy. When you become a skilled calligrapher earn money from teaching others in your own home or at evening class.

937. Start a home party hire service. The hosts of children's and adults' parties hire from you: chairs, tables, cutlery, plates, glasses, barbecues, etc. Advertise your service either in local newspapers or newsagents windows. Provide a free delivery service.

938. Provide a sales service for oil-painters. Sell the work of artists by finding outlets and take a
commission on all sales. Outlets might include: antiques shops, gift shops, private art exhibitions, overseas shops, etc.

939. Bring out a selection of posters which are packed with biblical quotes. Sell these through religious bookshops and by post to schools and practising Christians.

940. Set up a promotional sheet music publishing business. People who write music and lyrics would find it easier to sell their compositions if they were published. Published compositions could then be circulated to people in the music business.

941. Bring out novelty voodoo model brains. A voodoo model brain represents the brain of the target person and is marked with different areas such as stress, love, anxiety, pain, etc. Pins are placed in selected areas to stimulate the feelings associated with that area.

942. Set up a party plan business which sells gardening equipment and supplies. You might, for example, hold the parties in gardens during the afternoons. Once you have developed a successful presentation and range of products, increase the size of your business by recruiting agents.

943. Start a spring-water bottling and distribution business. Advertise for someone who owns a property which has a natural spring water supply. Negotiate a contract with the owner which allows you to bottle and sell the spring water.

944. Design and have produced novelty sex maniacs score cards and find trade buyers or sell by mail order.

945. Write and publish a manual which has a title like 'How to Start Your Own Mail Order Business'. Use classified ads and direct mail to sell this to business opportunity seekers.

946. Set up a mail order business which sells books and products related to ventriloquism. Produce booklets and cassettes which give instructions about ventriloquism and ideas for stage acts. Also sell props and dummies.

947. Bring out an 'ideas' newsletter for writers. In each issue suggest ideas for: locations, characters, events, phrases, use of words, etc. One of the main selling points of your newsletter is that it will help a writer to become a published author.

948. Help people to get jobs by starting a C.V. design service. Conduct your own research into what information in a C.V. impresses employers. Basically, a good C.V. is professionally printed and presents the most important facts about a persons career history in a simple, clear way.

949. Publish a weekly or monthly large type newspaper for people with poor eyesight which summarises the news of the previous week or month.

950. Begin a mail order business which promotes the hobby of collecting currency notes. Put together a catalogue which lists a wide selection of currency notes and collecting accessories. Advertise in coin collecting magazines.

951. Start a postal business which sells novel birth and death certificates to those who like to claim that they had previous lives. Design the certificates yourself and pay for them to be printed. Also offer a service which uses occult methods to identify previous lives.

952. Publish an 'ideas' newsletter for photographers. Focus the attention of the newsletter on ideas for saleable photographs. Use ads in photography magazines to sell subscriptions and emphasise that the newsletter aims to help people to earn money from photography.

953. Make a selection of home-made chocolates. Rent a corner of an established shop on a Saturday to sell them.

954. Bring together a selection of books and cassettes about self-hypnosis and start a mail order business. Produce a catalogue about your products and send it to those interested in astrology, the occult and self- improvement.

955. Start a mail order business which sells X-rated books. Canvass publishers at home and abroad to see if they can supply you with any books which fall into this category.

956. Set up a business which produces cinema programmes. These programmes might consist of 2-8 printed pages. Sell advertising space in these programmes to local businesses and include details of future films. Cinema programmes take these programmes from a display unit free of charge.

957. Begin a business which sells original paintings on hire purchase or revolving credit. Almost everyone would like to own original oil paintings but are put off because of the high initial cost.

958. At a crafts fair or market, operate a jewellery lucky dip. Bring together a selection of enamelled, seashell, bead and carved jewellery in a box. Wrap the box and place in a large tub of sawdust. Passers by are invited to pick a box for a small charge.

959. Put together a spoon bending act that is inspired by Uri Geller. Get yourself an agent and earn money from performing at a wide range of venues such as clubs, pubs, theatres, private parties, etc.

960. Start a collectable plate of the month club. Commission the making of attractive plates and slowly build up a list of club members.

961. Find a town which has a particularly high birth rate. Bottle the water drunk in that town. Sell this bottled water. The unstated implication is that the water will increase fertility.

962. Collect seaweed. Use this in a seaweed weather forecasting kit of your own design. Use mail order to sell the kits. Also discover how seaweed can be developed into a health food and start a business exploiting this opportunity.

963. Set up a school of motor racing. Offer potential students a weekend or week-long course about the practical and theoretical aspects of motor racing.

964. Start a school of hydroponic gardening. The aims of your school might include: publishing booklets, producing audio cassettes, organising holiday courses, giving personal tuition and selling supplies.

965. Bottle sand from the beach where William the Conqueror landed in 1066 and sell to those who want to buy a piece of history.

966. Begin a mail order business which promotes the craft of making Jack-in-the-boxes. In your catalogue include a wide selection of: springs, boxes, design plans, materials for making the character in the box, etc. Advertise in crafts magazines.

967. Design and manufacture desks for putting on laps in cars. These should be lightweight and easy to store in a car. They might be used by sales people to make notes about calls, business people to prepare for meetings and passengers to work from whilst travelling.

968. Bring out a selection of hanging cotton greeting cards. These are like flags or banners which are printed with a greetings message and can be hung from a ceiling or a rail. Arrange for these to be stocked at shops which sell greeting cards.

969. Put together a range of lucky charms. Mount these on printed cards or counter-top racks and distribute to newsagents and gift shops.

970. Begin a business which sells exotic plants to image conscious local businesses. Call office-to-office and offer to bring a selection of plants on a trial basis, for example 10 days, free approval without obligation.

971. Start a service which does postal auditions of voices and music. A person records his or her voice on a cassette and sends it to you. Or a group records their music. You make an assessment of the performance for a fee. Advertise your service in music publications.

972. Place advertisements in the windows of local newsagents which read 'Lawn cutting done' and state an hourly rate. When you visit customers, offer to cut their lawn on a regular basis.

973. Form a mail order business which sells unusual plants. For example: insect eating plants. Conduct your own search for a suitable plant. Every now and again someone discovers a new, unusual plant for selling by post an makes a fair amount of money. Will you be next?

974. Set up a service which supplies sliced and seeded lemons to pubs, restaurants, night-clubs and hotels. In the course of an evening some bars use a large quantity of sliced lemons. These establishments could benefit from the convenience of having the lemons ready-sliced.

975. Start a dial-a-gardener service. A single telephone call to you will send a gardener to a customers home. Employ teenagers, students and retired people to do the gardening.

976. Earn a small regular income from renting out part of your garden to someone who wants to grow food. Thus a part of your garden will become a private allotment.

977. Bring together a selection of the best business audio cassettes from the previous year. Start a direct mail campaign which offers these cassettes to businesspeople at a reduced rate if they buy the set.

978. Start a flowers of the week, month or quarter club. Clients can place a standing order with you for the delivery of flowers at regular intervals.

979. Begin a business which makes up bottle gardens. To make your gardens distinctive, find bottles of an interesting and unusual design. Get them stocked at shops which do not usually stock such products. For example: health food shops and grocers.

980. Package freshly or specially hardened conkers and sell through newsagents and toy shops. Each pack might contain 4-6 conkers.

981. Set up and organise a home-visiting massage service. Your business would find work for experienced masseurs and masseuses. Get custom by placing ads in local newspapers and notices in the windows of local newsagents.

982. Open a press cutting research service for stock market investors. Read the daily papers and make a note every time a public company is mentioned. When an investor requests information about a company, you photocopy all the cuttings which mention the name of that company.

983. Make up pretty bags filled with aromatic herbs which are designed for hanging around the house or in cars. Add an elastic string to each bag so that one pull will release some of the aroma into the air.

984. Set up a business which makes nightshirts and nightcaps. Have these stocked at up-market clothes retailers.

985. Be a diet consultant. Earn money from guiding people through published diets like the F-plan. Also you might buy the recommended food at trade prices and sell it to your clients. Advertise your service locally and visit the homes of clients to give private consultations.

986. Become a make-up consultant. Advise women on what make-up suits their individual mix of: skin shade, hair and eye colours, nose and facial shape, etc. Once you have established your consultancy, make more money by teaching others to be make up consultants.

987. Bring out a newsletter which gives amateur magicians ideas for new tricks. Also sell advertising space to firms which have products to sell to amateur magicians.

988. Start a mail order business which sells vitamin pills. Produce a catalogue which contains a far wider range of vitamin pills than is available at shops.

989. Locate a source of fresh, pure mud and package it in specially sealed containers. Sell this by post for beauty treatment.

990. Be a home visiting wig salesperson. By visiting the homes of potential buyers you provide a private and confidential service which is free of embarrassment. Buy a selection from wig manufacturers at trade prices. Advertise your service in newspapers and magazines.

991. Write and publish a monthly newsletter which helps those who want to give up smoking. The ability to give up smoking depends what's happening in a persons mind. A good newsletter could make the difference between success and failure.

992. Begin a confidential newsletter about how to get the best things from life. The best things in this case include: money, expensive property, respect an quality cars. Your newsletter should suggest some of the legal short cuts which can be taken.

993. At a crafts fair or antiques market have a stall which sells products related to Shakespeare. These might include: prints, books, audio cassettes, videos and posters.

994. In a city where there are many theatres, open a small shop which is devoted to selling things related to Shakespeare.

995. Publish a newsletter for expectant mothers. Provide subscribers with information and reassurance. Send each subscriber an issue which ties in with the stage of her pregnancy.

996. Use a computer or word processor to provide a letter and manuscript typing service. Customers would be students, academics, small business people and tradesmen.

997. Arrange for ink drawings to be made of historical characters from all parts of the nation. There might be hundreds of drawings. Have these printed and framed and sell by mail order. The idea is that wherever a person is, they can buy a framed drawing of someone famous from their own area.

998. Start a life history photography service. Produce an album of photographs which is a photographic history of a client's life. For example take photographs of a client's hospital of birth, former schools, places of work, place of marriage, houses they once lived in, etc.

999. Take an attractive photograph of a large office block. Frame enlarged copies and sell these to people who work there. This would make a good sideline business if you work in an office block and you meet many other office workers in the course of the day.

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