999 money making ideas part 8

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700. Make kites which feature Union Jacks, Stars and Stripes or the colours of popular football teams. Package and have stocked at suitable retailers.

701. Open a market stall which sells hats and other headgear. Your stock will include: ladies hats, scarves, men's caps and Balaclava helmets.

702. Start a firm which designs and manufactures noticeboards for the home and office. These might have a special feature, for example, cover the boards with a fabric which has an exotic design or make boards which have an unusual shape.

703. Produce a correspondence course about how to design saleable knitting patterns. The main market for this would be people who want to design knitting patterns for profit rather than for enjoyment.

704. Take everyday objects such as clocks, water taps and calculators. Remove the outer casing and mount them to make educational aids or ornaments. Also you might label the most important parts of each object.

705. Recreate classic chess games on video. Start a business which hires and sells these to chess enthusiasts.

706. Start a miniature brassware ornament of the month club. Or produce a mail order catalogue which has a very wide range of brass ornaments.

707. Bring out a correspondence course about how to compose and write hymns. Advertise in the religious press. Also arrange for agents in foreign countries to sell the course.

708. Produce an encyclopaedia of self-improvement on audio cassettes. This should cover all subjects related to self-improvement and might be 20-50 cassettes in length. Sell in monthly instalments or as a complete course.

709. Set up a market stall at a tourist town which sells all kinds of belts from the highly fashionable to the personalised.

710. Start a service which finds companions for those who want to go on cycling or hiking holidays. Advertise in publications for cyclists or hikers.

711. Take suitable sea-shells and sell them as sleep shells. Those who have difficulty in sleeping at night listen to a sleep shell. The soothing sound of the sea will aid sleep.

712. Turn large sea-shells into money boxes. Cut a slot in the shells for inserting coins and add an opening for extracting the money and block it with removable cork. These are sold as ornaments

and as money boxes.

713. Create a mail order business which sells matchboxes and labels to collectors. Collectors automatically receive the latest matchboxes each month. Alternatively you might put together a catalogue of old and rare matchboxes.

714. Organise overseas information gathering tours for businesspeople. These might be for those who want to look at an overseas market or who want to visit similar businesses to their own in other countries. For example, consultants in this country can visit their foreign counterparts.

715. Do your own research to discover ghost stories from your region. Record the best stories on audio tape. Have the cassettes duplicated and labelled and distribute to shops throughout the region covered.

716. Start a business which organises cricket holidays and weekend breaks. During these breaks arrange for guests to receive tuition from a professional cricketer.

717. Organise bridge holidays and weekend breaks.

718. Set up a quiz games postal club. Club members compete against each other to win quizzes through the mail. The quizzes could be published in a regular newsletter which would also give the answers to the previous newsletters quiz(zes).

719. Invent and make wooden 2-D and 3-D executive puzzles. For example: 3-D puzzles which have lots of interlocking pieces. Have them stocked at gift shops and stationers.

720. If you live in a busy road and you are at home all day, place a good looking sign outside you house stating that you do car washing and polishing. Also advertise that you give a personal service and that car owners can call at your house any time.

721. Design and have printed novelty joke licences. Each licence has a space for a name to be added. The licence may state that the named person is: a genius, certified insane, international sex maniac, etc. Distribute to shops which sell souvenirs, jokes and gifts.

722. Organise the production of photographic business cards and sell these direct to businesspeople. You might also produce blank photographic business cards for printers. For example a card features a photograph which is representative of a trade, a printer would print personal details next to the picture.

723. Put together a home study course about the technical aspects of film making. This course might be the cornerstone of your own postal film school. Sell from ads in film magazines.

724. Seek out as many recipes as you can for nougat. Devise, with the help of these, your own brand of delicious nougat. Have sizeable quantities made and sell from a stall or get it stocked at shops.

725. Frame photographs of well known boxers. Get these stocked at sports shops or sell by mail order from ads in boxing and sports papers and magazines.

726. Bring out X-rated cardboard cut-outs of female or male models. Sell by mail order from ads in adult magazines.

727. Design souvenir badges which read 'I've been to (name of town)' or 'I love ... ...'. Pay to have your badges professionally made. Arrange for shops in the named town to stock these badges.

728. Each month produce and interesting lecture on audio cassette. Sell these through a monthly club. The subjects should be something which appeals to an established market such as science fiction fans, business opportunity seekers or sales people.

729. Start a private school for florists. Provide courses for those who want to either set up in business or want to get a job as a florist. Advertise in women's magazines.

730. Bring out a card index box which has reprinted cards for holding different kinds of information. This is a card index version of personal organisers, instead of carrying around a pocket folder of information, everything is held on pre-printed cards in a desktop card index box.
731. Design and organise the production of stop smoking penalty boxes. Every time a person smokes, he or she pays a fine. Pay a plastics injecting mouldings firm to manufacture the boxes. Distribute the finished plastic boxes to wholesalers and a wide range of retailers.

732. Make good, old-fashioned wooden tool carriers and have them stocked at hardware shops and tool shops. Or produce kits for making tool carriers and sell by mail order from ads in DIY magazines.

733. Produce and distribute a selection of ashtrays which feature the face of a hated person. Every time a smoker finishes a cigarette they stub it out in the face of the hated person.

734. Make leather folders for salespeople to use when making presentations. Have these stocked a stationers or produce a catalogue about your range of folders and send it to businesses.

735. During the Christmas period, sell holly and mistletoe door-to-door.

736. Put together a home study course about theatrical directing. Call this business a postal drama school. Students will include: amateur drama directors, professional actors and other theatre enthusiasts.

737. Write and publish a manual which is about how to start and organise your own football team. Sell from ads in football magazines and programmes.

738. Set up a window cleaning round and employ students and other young people to do the work. Build up lots of individual rounds and employ a person for each one.

739. Place classified ads in newspapers which read: 'Anything bought, Cash paid' or 'Houses cleared'. Make money from reselling what you pick up.

740. Start a romantic time-capsule burying service. A man or woman can immortalise the one they love by having a time-capsule buried to tell future generations about their loved one.

741. Organise weekend breaks where individuals can have their career assessed by professional career advisers. Advice should also be given on how to develop a career or how to make a change. Advertise in up-market or business publications.

742. Bring out a careers guide to self-employment. Sell this through as many bookshops as possible. Hopefully this guide will become an annual publication which will appeal to a new crop of people every year.

743. Make life-size string puppets. Each puppet is controlled by someone standing on a roof, balcony or scaffold. Use for promotion or entertainment.

744. Begin a mail order firm which sells personalised everyday objects such as pens, towels, handkerchiefs, notepads, combs, etc. Produce a catalogue and advertise in up-market publications. Offer customers hampers of personalised products.

745. Run a business which deals in the memorabilia of a region. You can buy your stock from various sources, for example, history books from publishers, photographs from photo libraries and films and videos from film making and film distribution companies.

746. Write and publish a newsletter which is specifically for budding and practising freelance writers. Give the newsletter a title like: 'Freelance Writer'. Give ideas and tips about how to sell work and have a section for articles, letters and classified ads.

747. Become a wholesaler of spoken word audio cassettes. You act as the middleman between publishers and retailers. This is a growth area and it might not be long before every bookshop has many shelves of audio cassettes. Will these cassettes be supplied by you?!

748. Set up a mail order business which sells plans, equipment and supplies for making mosaics. Produce a catalogue and advertise in crafts magazines.

749. Sell cheap labour saving devices door-to-door, for example: potato peelers, chip cutting machines, easy-to-use can openers, etc.

750. Design and make original fashion clothes. Begin by selling your work from a market stall. This will give you the valuable experience of meeting fashion buyers face-to-face. If you discover you can make clothes which are popular, branch out and sell to boutiques.

751. Learn how to build garden fences then start your own business. Advertise your garden fence building business in local newspapers and offer to provide a free written estimate.

752. At a public place or fair have a site where people can pay to do their own action painting. Each person is given overalls and a canvass or large sheet of paper. They can then help themselves to as much paint as they like and all kinds of brushes and implements.

753. Design, make and distribute souvenir pottery doorstops. These might be imprinted with the name of a resort or a view of tourist scenery.

754. Visit offices during lunch breaks, or before work begins, to give keep-fit classes.

755. Produce a selection of political and moral T-shirts. These will be designs to publicly express a persons opinion. Sell at demonstrations and through ads in the political press. Also bring out a mail order catalogue.

756. Begin a business which organises short courses and seminars for salespeople. A guest successful sales personality might be selected to give each lesson. The subjects you cover might include: 'How to Double Your Sales' and 'How to Beat Your Competitors'.

757. Start a business which records interviews with celebrities. Market these on audio cassettes just as if you were selling books or records. Sell these by mail order from your own catalogue and have them stocked in book and record shops.

758. Arrange for greeting messages to be carved into stone. Sell at shops as an everlasting version of greeting cards. Or start a postal service which turns out personalised greetings in stone.

759. Bump start your career as a freelance journalist. Newspapers and magazines are always interested in success stories. Find and write about people from humble backgrounds who have been successful in
business. The best way to find such people is to advertise for them.

760. Cut divining rods for selling by mail order to gardeners and curiosity seekers. A divining rod would also make an interesting and unusual gift.

761. Be a family relations consultant. Give advice about how to improve relationships with family members. If you can provide a satisfactory standard of advice your local area should provide you with enough business.

762. Start an enterprise which makes airport type wind-socks in miniature for ordinary gardens. Distribute these to hardware shops and garden centres or sell by mail order from ads in gardening publications.

763. Produce a selection of small posters of dogs and cats. Have these stocked at pet shops and gifts shops. For example, at pet shops have a sample of each poster covered by a transparent plastic. Hang these from a rack and have the saleable posters in rolls in a basket underneath.

764. Make candid videos of weddings. Candid videos provide a fascinating, more accurate record of a wedding. Copies can be duplicated and sold to family members. Also do candid videos of parties, promotions, day trips and other special occasions.

765. Produce a selection of key-rings which have unusual fobs. For example the fobs might be made from: large flat sea-shells, large foreign coins, circles cut from old LPs, fossils, slate, etc. Sell from a stall at crafts fairs and fleamarkets.

766. Organise theme parties for children and teenagers. You supply the party-goers with simple costumes, food and entertainment. Each party might be related to a popular theme such as science fiction, pirates, witches and wizards, Wild West, etc.

767. Invent ideas for practical jokes. Sell these by either producing a regular newsletter or, a directory of jokes for different occasions. You might also set up a national practical jokes club.

768. Deal in butterflies and sell to collectors by post. Obtain stock by advertising your interest in buying butterfly collections in collectors magazines.

769. Begin a business which produces horror novelty wall-hangings. For example, a framed picture which has the picture itself covered by a sliding or hinged door. The door can be opened to reveal a scary scene. Another example would be a wall mirror with the faint face of a ghost peering out.

770. Compile a guide to educational and leisure holiday courses. Have this published in book form and sell by mail order and through bookshops. This has the potential for a successful annual publication.

771. Start a mail order firm which sells live insects, insectaria and other products related to keeping and breeding insects. Advice might also be given on what insects to keep. Your service might be called 'Select an Insect'. Also publish a newsletter with a title like 'Insect Keeper'.

772. Design and produce a stockmarket investors log book. The purpose of this log book is to record and chart: the prices of individual shares, purchases, sales, dealing costs, profits and losses. Sell by mail order and direct mail to investors.

773. Produce a series of audio cassettes which contain quotes from the bible. The quotes on each cassette might be selected according to a theme. For example: How to meet bereavement and sorrow, how to meet the challenges of everyday life, and how to live in harmony with others.

774. Design and produce animation kits for amateur film makers, each kit consists of numerous paper characters with moveable joints and a selection of background scenery. An amateur film maker can use a kit to make hobby and animation films. A kit might have, for example, a Wild West theme.

775. Pay a taxidermist to prepare, stuff and mount fish. Produce a mail order catalogue about your mounted fish. Advertise in angling publications. Also sell through gift shops and fishing tackle shops.

776. Start a mail order business which sells a wide range of dog products, for example: kennels, muzzles, shampoos, collars, ornaments, etc, all with a canine theme.

777. Develop your dog grooming skills to a professional standard and open your own dog grooming parlour.

778. Use leather to make your own brand of top quality dog collars and leads.

779. Become a pets portrait photographer. You have to prove to potential customers that your portraits are far superior to any amateur photographs. This can be done by displaying your work on a stall in a public place and selling your service to people who take an interest in your work.

780. Commission artists to do original paintings of horses and horse racing. Set up a business which distributes and sells these paintings. For example your might display the paintings in a mobile showroom which visits horse events.

781. Start a service which makes audio tape recordings of wedding ceremonies. Video cameras are either not allowed in church or produce poor pictures. However, discreet microphones can record the ceremony. Copies on cassette can be sent to friends and relatives at home and overseas.

782. Set up a business which makes wooden dog kennels in kit form. Sell by mail order from ads in dog lovers publications or get them stocked at pets shops.

783. With the permission of the appropriate authority, if needed, sell nuts in an open space of a city centre to passers-by and tourists for feeding the pigeons. Or, at a suitable seaside resort, sell bits of fish to holidaymakers who want to feed the seagulls.

784. Set up an enterprise which manufactures hutches and coops for small animals, birds and poultry. Sell in kit or finished form by mail order.

785. Produce a selection of posters which feature photographs of elaborate models. Mount these on display units and get model shops to show them.

786. Introduce a service to your area which releases lighter than air balloons at weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. Buy a cylinder of gas and turn out the balloons yourself. Offer potential clients a selection of quantities for different prices.

787. Start a business which delivers bulky pet food direct to the public. Build up a round of regular customers. Call on houses throughout your area to sell your service.

788. Begin a business which organises wildlife observation holidays. These might be based in a forest, for example, unspoiled coastal area or mountainous region. Produce a brochure and advertise in wildlife magazines.

789. Start a second-hand art bookstall and take it to antique markets or fairs. Obtain your stock by placing ads in art or book collectors magazines. State that you wish to buy collections of
second-hand art books.

790. Publish a newsletter for those who want to make money dealing in antiques. In the newsletter highlight trends in the antiques business, give tips and hints about finding bargains, tell subscribers how to sell for the highest prices, etc.

791. Produce and distribute a video encyclopaedia about flowers, plants, trees or birds. This should present films about your chosen subject in alphabetical order. Try to get national and international distribution organised.

792. Sell by post information and advice about antiques. Provide clients with a confidential service which identifies and values antiques from descriptions and photographs. Also give advice about care, cleaning and storage of individual items. Produce leaflets about your service.

793. Take a course in basketry. As you develop your skill slowly begin to sell what you make. When your work reaches a high enough standard, go into business full-time.

794. Start a service which provides businesses with a security conscious paper collecting, shredding and disposal service. Have impressive leaflets printed to promote your service and send them to businesses.

795. Create a home-based debt collections service. Get a job with a debt collection agency and learn all you can before you strike out on your own. At first specialise in one type of trade and, if successful, expand into collecting debts for other trades.

796. Produce a series of audio cassettes about Confucianism. Have them stocked at healthfood shops and bookstores. Or sell by mail order from ads in off-beat publications.

797. Design and manufacture business maternity clothes for businesswomen. Have them stocked in maternity and other women's clothes shops and sell by mail order.

798. Make videos for people who want to sell their business. Each video is designed to show a business in its best light. In the video, interview customers, look at its standing in the community, etc. Your video should help achieve the highest possible sale price for the businesses whose sale you promote.

799. Put together a correspondence course about how to write jokes for profit. Base this on a method which is your own invention. For example, jokes are like the keys on a piano: there's a limited number but they can be played in an infinity of combinations.

800. Publish a newsletter about successful management. Aim the editorial at managers in large
corporations. Each newsletter should discuss the issues relevant to the manager who wants to succeed.

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