999 money making ideas part 6

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501. Produce booklets or audio cassettes which contain gay short stories. sell by mail order or have them stocked in shops which are used by the gay community.

502. Set up a home-based computer service which maintains the mailing lists of local businesses. Also supply local businesses with mailing lists bought or rented from other firms in this country and abroad.

503. Open a computerised marketplace for cars and motorbikes. On computer list the sellers and what they have to sell. Charge the sellers a fee for this service. Place ads which invite people who want to buy a car or bike to telephone you to see if you have what they want.

504. Begin a business which makes money from souvenir cosmetics. Bring out lipstick, for example, or hand cream which has a local theme or name. Buy from established cosmetics manufacturers and package under your own label.

505. If you have the necessary knowledge and skill earn money from teaching home computing in your own home or the home of clients. Prepare lessons on a variety of popular software applications and general computer operation. Give classes and teach to solo students.

506. Begin a business which produces correspondence courses about home computing. Base each course on a popular software application and have a general course on general computer operation. The lessons in your course might be modelled on what already exists in textbooks. Sell from ads in computer magazines.

507. Organise tours of well-known sights or areas of outstanding natural beauty. Buy or rent an open topped bus for the tours. Also use this bus for weddings, work excursions and school trips.

508. Design and produce mugs or posters which predict a persons future. These might be called fortune mugs (or posters). For example a mug or poster might be printed with either a reference guide to what patterns of tea leaves mean or an astrological prediction for each star sign.

509. Start a newsletter for people who want to make money from their home computer. In each issue provide subscribers with ideas for adventure games, educational or quiz programs, and business programs. Also print news, tips and case studies about starting a computing business.

510. Begin a computing lesson of the month club. Each month send a home computing enthusiast a cassette which gives instructions about how to use a popular application or how to improve their programming skills. Advertise in home computing magazines.

511. Start a mail order business which sells mosaic making supplies. Also sell a guide about getting started in this hobby. Produce a simple catalogue about your products and advertise in crafts magazines.

512. Learn the art of tap dancing and put together your own song and dance act. Find an agent and perform at clubs, pubs and private functions.

513. Design and manufacture kits for making paper at home. Sell the kits to craft workers from ads in crafts magazines and get them stocked in hobby and crafts shops.

514. Design and make a range of fishing lures at home. Sell these by getting them stocked at fishing tackle shops, starting a monthly club which sends anglers one of the latest fishing lures and giving the lures an appealing name like 'lucky charm lures'.

515. Produce a rhyming dictionary on audio cassettes. A spoken word dictionary can illustrate the rhyming qualities of words far better than any printed dictionary. Get these stocked at bookshops or sell from adverts in literary magazines.

516. Start a mail order company which sells business equipment and accessories for left-handed people. Bring out a catalogue and send it to large and medium-sized businesses.

517. Publish a craftworkers' equivalent to the 'Yellow Pages'. In the directory include the addresses of sources for a wide range of products. List the addresses under a heading for each craft. Also sell advertising space to suppliers, crafts schools, craftworkers, etc.

518. Set up a service which rents out model trains, boats and planes to businesses with reception areas. These models are supposed to create goodwill because most people will look at and appreciate a good model. Your clients will include restaurants and office-based businesses and particularly travel agents.

519. Canvass shops for older, soiled or other unwanted stock and offer to buy it at a nominal sum. No one else is likely to buy the stock so this is probably the only opportunity the owner has to sell it. Hire a hall and sell the stock at low prices to the public. Or sell at a car boot sale or from a market stall.

520. Reprint old geographical maps. Use the reprints to decorate unfinished stock bought from
manufacturers. For example: desk sets, book ends, memo pads, letter racks, lamp holders, book ends, coasters, dinner mats, etc. Alternatively frame the maps in a stylish frame and sell as wall decorations.

521. Package low value foreign coins in cellophane envelopes. Distribute these coins to newsagents for selling to children in the way small packets of stamps are sold.

522. Start a firm which manufacturers kits for making etchings. Design the kits so that a complete beginners can make attractive etchings. Sell by mail order or through shops which sell artists' materials.

523. Produce and distribute souvenir boxes of matches. Each matchbox is painted with a picture postcard scene of a tourist area. Also produce a souvenir pack which contains a selection of different boxes. This pack can be bought by people as a gift or taken home for personal use.

524. Set up a bead craftwork business. Use beads to make a selection of jewellery such as necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Sell from a market stall or mount on display racks and get shops to stock them.

525. Start a business which makes a range of souvenir or commemorative wall plaques. They might have a feature such as: town crests, tourist maps, commemorative statements or logos, etc. Sell your wall plaques through gift shops and hotels.

526. Rent out scaffolding for exterior home decorating and maintenance. Advertise in local newspapers and newsagents windows. Provide a free delivery service.

527. Bring out an audio cassette course about advanced driving. Sell by mail order or get it stocked in bookshops. Or produce videos about improving driving skills and hire or sell by post. Each video might feature filmed examples of good or bad driving.

528. Set up a business which produces X-rated jigsaw puzzles. These might be sold either by mail order or, to wholesalers of X-rated products.

529. Design and manufacture kits for making string puppets. produce a selection of kits which are complementary to each other and can be used in the same puppet show.

530. Learn how to make china dolls and once your work reaches a high standard make an income from teaching others. Hold classes in your own area or devise a postal course.

531. Make peg calendars. A peg calendar consists of a block of wood with a line of 31 holes for days, 12 holes for months, and 10 holes for years. Three tiny pegs indicate the date and are moved each day accordingly. The calendar can hang from a wall like a thermometer or sit on a desk.

532. If you can draw amusing characatures call door-to-door to show people samples of your work and offer to draw one on the spot.

533. Arrange for a set of pictures to be printed to look like old cigarette cards. Turn out hundreds of framed sets and sell to wholesalers and gift shops.

534. If you have the skill, work as a charcoal artist in a thoroughfare of a shopping or tourist area.

535. Found a year-book for people who do creative things with their hands, such as painters, drawers, sculptors, cartoonists, illustrators, cartoonists, engravers, etc. Also list buyers of art, art schools, art fairs, etc. Have the year-book stocked at bookshops, artists supplies shops, craftshops and sell by mail.

536. Start a training school which specialises in teaching the art of sketching. Use sketch artists to do the teaching. Your job is to find students and organise the premises and management. Also put together a postal course which teaches sketching to beginners.

537. Draw amusing cartoons of personal names at any location where there are crowds, for example: fairs, trade shows, shopping areas and tourist sites.

538. Design and manufacture finger painting kits for children and adults. Get these stocked at shops which sell toys (for children's kits) and artists materials (for adult's kits).

539. Invent a cartoon character which captures the spirit of your town or region. Pick a name which matches the name of the town or region. E.g. Billy Brighton, Mickey Middlesex, etc. Use this character on: T-shirts, posters, postcards, stationery, etc.

540. Make money from wines by taking an empty van to a wine growing region and bringing it back full. Sell the wine directly to restaurants, off-licences, and free houses. Build up a list of business who will buy wine from you on a regular basis.

541. Publish a newsletter about cocktail drinks. In each issue include: information about new and classic cocktail drinker tips, the best way to make drinks, new cocktails which you devise yourself, etc. Your market includes all businesses licensed to sell drinks.

542. Specialise in organising trips to vineyards and beer festivals. Issue an annual or quarterly brochure which gives full details of all the holidays you are planning. Advertise in beer and wine publications.

543. Sell by post plans for hobby electronic construction projects. Buy plans from established electronics hobbyists and compile a catalogue of plans for sale. Find and sell plans through adverts in electronic hobby magazines.

544. Begin a party plan business which sells self-instruction and 'how to' books, cassettes and courses. Add a competitive edge to the business by producing many of the products yourself.

545. Write and publish a series of booklets on how to turn various hobbies into businesses, for example, 'How to start an electronics business'. Other hobbies might include: stamp or book collecting, photography, angling, and video making. Sell through ads in hobby and business opportunity magazines.

546. Produce a questionnaire which is designed to find out if one person really loves another. Place classified ads in magazines for teenagers or women which read : 'Does he really love you?'. Send respondents a questionnaire and process it for a charge. Or design a questionnaire which can be assessed by the client.

547. Learn the art of I Ching. Then, earn a sideline income by persuading party hosts to pay you to give readings to guests.

548. Produce and sell from national publications a home study course about how to play the piano. Pay an expert pianist to devise and write the course.

549. Make a series of cookery instruction videos. These should teach people how to make all kinds of dishes and foods. Start a postal business to rent or sell these videos.

550. At a seaside resort set up a seasonal business which organises boat trips and day-long coach excursions for holiday-makers. The boat and coaches will be hired from local operatives and you can sell tickets from camping site shops, newsagents and tourist information centres.

551. Devise and produce an audio cassette course about successful exam techniques. An important selling point is that anyone with average intelligence can pass most exams if they know about exam techniques.

552. Print stationery with a thematic design for hobbyists. For example, photographers can have writing paper and envelopes printed with pictures of cameras, films and lights. Get this stationery stocked at hobby shops and sell by mail order through the appropriate hobby magazines.

553. Compile and publish a guide to employers throughout the country who have a high turnover of staff. These employers are always looking for new staff. Sell copies of this guide to jobhunters through bookshops or from classified ads.

554. Design and manufacture portable mini-golf courses. Each hole on the course might consist of a large, colourful wooden sheet which has pop-up features like a pop-up book. Nine sheets will fit in a van. Sell or hire for fund raising and money-making.

555. Use various fabrics to make money belts of your own design. Attach each money belt to a printed card and sell these fully stocked to shoe repair shops and newsagents.

556. Design and make wooden wheels of fortune. Produce in a variety of sizes and designs. Sell or hire as fund-raising aids to clubs, associations, schools and colleges.

557. Produce an audio cassette training course about salesmanship. The object of the course might be to bring out and develop the salesperson in anyone. For this reason almost everyone is a potential buyer.

558. Sell recipes for making home-made chocolates and sweets via classified ads. The products made should be of a quality that can be sold either from a stall or to colleagues and friends.

559. Conduct your own research into the subject of how to make money from gaming machines. Write and publish a report about your findings. Sell from classified ads or by direct mail and emphasise that people could make a lot of money from buying your report.

560. Start a mail order business which sells books about how to win at gambling. The games covered might include: roulette, baccarat, poker and horse-racing. Buy the publications direct from publishers at home and abroad. Or publish the books yourself.

561. Produce a series of audio cassettes which give instruction about how to mimic different accents. For example: 'Teach yourself to speak like a Texan'. Other accents might include: Yorkshire, cockney, French, English, Scottish, New York, etc.

562. Have amusing messages printed in speech bubbles on the sides of potted plant holders. For example: 'Hello, my name is...', 'Shake my water, don't stir it', 'I feel like a chat', etc. Have these stocked at outlets which sell garden products.

563. Put together a kit for growing trees from seeds. In each kit include instructions about how to get the best results. Sell from ads in gardening publications or through suitable shops.

564. Begin a mail order business which sells hydroponics growers supplies(hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil). Produce a catalogue and advertise in gardening publications.

565. Obtain quantities of sand from the beaches of the D-day invasion. Place the sand in tiny bottles and sell world-wide as souvenir sand from the beaches of the 1944 D-day invasion. Add a name label to each bottle to show which beach the sand came from.

566. Start a business which makes garden hammocks. Devise your own hammock which has at least one superior feature over other hammocks available. Sell through hardware shops and garden centres and by mail order from ads in gardening publications.

567. Use logs and wood to make small ornamental garden wishing wells. Sell through garden centres and hardware shops.

568. Bring out a selection of hair jewellery. This could be made from real or artificial human hair and is knotted like dreadlocks. The jewellery also includes coloured beads in the design. The result is dreadlocks necklaces, brooches and earrings.

569. Begin a business which makes and distributes souvenir lucky charms. One example is a number seven made from metal and stamped with a place name.

570. Sell flowers at a market or roadside stall.

571. Sell single roses from a roadside stall. Put up a big sign which both tempts people to buy a single rose and state the price.

572. Paint, or organise the painting of, designs on T-shirts. Sell the finished T-shirts through up-market shops where the price charged will provide a reasonable income.

573. Begin a business which produces framed reprints of interesting old patents. Sell by post to professional people or have them stocked at gift shops.

574. Start a comprehensive garden maintenance service. discuss with clients what work needs to be done to their gardens on a regular basis. People who use your service can have a beautiful garden and not do a minute of work in it themselves.

575. Produce a series of music and sound effects audio cassettes which are specially designed to aid the growth of household plants. For example, sounds might include the wind blowing and birds singing. Advertise in gardening and householders magazines.

576. Pick a well known old and long road. Research and write the history of that road. Have a few hundred booklets printed and sell to the residents and businesses along the road.

577. Bring out a confidential newsletter which has a title like 'How to Overcome the Dissatisfactions You have with Your Life'. Provide subscribers with ideas and inspiration. Write about case studies and answer readers' questions.

578. Be a roadside fortune-teller.

579. Bring out a selection of pretty, non-picture postcards which are specially designed for friends to send brief notes to each other. Have them stocked at stationers, newsagents and shops which sell greeting cards.

580. Find a source of common or high-quality soil, package and sell through hardware shops and garden centres.

581. Create a correspondence course about how to be more enterprising. Sell by placing ads in national newspapers. Have ad headlines like: 'Are you an enterprising person?', and 'Improve your life by being more enterprising'.

582. Have T-shirts printed with sci-fi messages on the front such as 'Alpha Centauri University', Visit Ancient Egypt with TWA's Time Travel Tours', 'Test fly a Centauri flying saucer, visit your local dealer', etc. Sell at sci-fi conventions and through sci-fi shops.

583. Bring out a range of jewellery for ears. However, this jewellery does not hang from earlobes like earrings, but gently clips to the top of the ears. This jewellery looks as if it if it is perched on top of the ears. A piece of eartop jewellery might follow the curvature of each ear.

584. Start a business which makes a range of quality old-fashioned long johns. Produce a catalogue and start a mail order business.

585. Consider taking up the career of chiropody. Send for a prospectus from a school of chiropody. Take a course and, after graduation, open your own practice.

586. Start a computerised horse-racing results prediction service. There are many systems available for selecting a winning horse. Base your computer program on any or a mixture of these systems. Send forecasts on a regular basis to subscribers.

587. Be a travelling manicurist. Build up a regular round of clients at offices and private residences. Send a leaflet about your service to businesses and private residences and advertise in the local media.

588. Supply life extension products by post. Model your business on similar businesses which have been successful in the USA. Obtain a catalogue from one of these businesses and base your business on their system.

589. Start a mail order business which sells stop smoking aids. For example: dummy cigarettes, advice booklets, herbal aids, inspirational cassettes, charts and posters. You can produce many of these products yourself and buy the others from wholesalers.

590. Begin a postal service which sells the reproduction rights to formulae for making products such as stain removers, special glues and toilet water. Your custom will come from business opportunity seekers who want to reproduce these formulae for reselling. You can also sell the formulae as 'household secrets' through classified ads in women's magazines.

591. Publish a monthly newsletter which gives inspiration to those trying to lose weight. Successful dieting often depends on what's going on in a person's mind. A newsletter such as this can help to prepare a person, with various stories of success from those who have succeeded in losing weight and a selection of techniques to make the process easier.

592. Bring out an audio cassette course about how to lose weight. This might employ techniques of selfhypnosis or subliminal suggestion. Sell from ads in slimming and women's magazines. 593. At a suitable market open a stall which is devoted to selling products devoted to a particular popular cartoon character.

594. Write and publish a manual about how to bring out a correspondence course. For many people this could be a route to a business which both provides enough money to live on and doesn't require much money to set up. Sell the manual to business opportunity seekers.

595. Open a school of massage. Teach, or organise the teaching of, massage to those interested in becoming professionals.

596. Start a slide set of the month club for collectors of slides. Slides might be about, for example, classic photographs, art, technology, aeroplanes, trains and stamps. Advertise in photography magazines.

597. Found a stop smoking club. Hold club meetings at hired halls in various areas on different nights of the week. Employ a variety of techniques to help people to give up smoking. A great many people will be driven by the collective inspiration of the group.

598. Produce biographical photographs of celebrities. For example, read all about the Beatles or the Rolling Stones to discover : Their places of birth, schools, first places of work, houses they once lived in, etc. Take photographs of these places, and put dates of birth below portrait photographs and sell to fans.

599. Reproduce old black and white or sepia photographs of a town as postcards, posters and framed prints. Have them stocked in a wide variety of shops.

600. Organise weekend breaks where people can experience 'living' history. Guests can spend a weekend living in a re-created era of history such as the Stone Age, the Wild West or Viking times.

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