Internet Marketing Business - 10 Things All Newbies Should Know

1) The Internet Marketing arena continues to expand at an unparalleled rate. There are thousands of new people joining the World Wide Web for the first time every day! Talk about an evergreen market!

2) If you are a beginning Internet Marketer or new to the Web, you have an ever expanding market place which means you have time to learn the tricks of the trade without the market potential passing you by. Your timing couldn't be better!

3) Some industries are in decline because they have outlived their usefulness. The Pony Express gave way to the US Mail and now email is changing the landscape again. Internet use and therefore Internet Marketing are on a sharp incline. Now is the time to get started in this revolutionary business.

4) If you aren't considering Internet Marketing, you really should be. If you want to be prepared for tomorrow, you need to be part of Internet Marketing today. Today's benefits aren't so bad either!

5) People are making their car payment to enjoying total financial freedom and everything in between, online right now. All it takes is a laptop and an Internet connection and you can take care of business anywhere in the world!

6) The new Millennium has certainly changed the way we do a lot of things. Instead of applying for a job, and waiting to see if the employer will pick you and put you to work, you can go online and apply to numerous companies that offer an affiliate program and go to work immediately and name your own salary!

7) Affiliate Marketing is an excellent opportunity because companies that offer products and/or services to the consuming public will pay you to spread the word about their offerings for them. They provide the product or service, they take care of warehousing, shipment, handle returns and provide customer service. All you have to do is advertise, send them customers and get paid!

8) You can build a successful Online Business for mere pennies on the dollar of what traditional "brick & mortar" businesses cost. That is due in large part to the fact that there is no "brick & mortar" expense, no huge capital investment to gamble on.

You can test a marketing campaign in just a few days and completely scrap it if it is unsuccessful. The same thing in the "brick & mortar" world would take months and a huge investment of money, time and effort and could ultimately be unsuccessful as well.

9) You can build a web site much faster and cheaper than you can build an offline, traditional store. You can be up & running in a few minutes to a few days depending on the web site. There is NO comparison to traditional retail stores. Advantage - Internet!

10) GET HELP! If you are just starting out in Internet Marketing, you are a barefoot pilgrim! You need help! Find someone that knows the ropes and is willing to mentor you while you learn the ropes. Emulate someone who is successful at Internet Marketing and you will be successful as well.

Did you find this information helpful? If so you will find my Mentor's web site indispensable. He has been Mentoring inside his Coaching Club for 10 years! He and The Club offer the help you need to master Internet Marketing. It is a ONE STOP SHOP! A ton of FREE promotional tools are available.

Follow the link, meet my Mentor Mack Michaels, look at all the FREE videos and launch your Internet Marketing career with the best support available anywhere.

2 Ways To Start Making Money Online

If you are just starting out in your internet marketing career and want to start making some income quickly from home, then here are 2 ways to get started fast.

These ideas will not cost you any money but you will have to invest your time to implement these ideas. Yes, you will have to do some work if you want to succeed online.

1. Start a blog

Starting a blog is a very easy thing to accomplish. You can set up a blog for free at Sign up for a free account and follow the simple steps. The steps necessary to set up a blog are very easy to follow and a blog can be set up in minutes.

Once you have your blog set up you can monetize your blog with google adsense ads. To add the google ads to your blog:

1. Click on the layout tab
2. Click the edit button on AdSense Page Element
3. Click on the link to add or get your publisher id
4. Choose the format and colors for your ads
5. Click save

You can click and drag the page elements to rearrange on your blog. For instance you drag the adsense page element above the blog posts if you want your ads ad to appear before each blog post.

The ads that will display will be relevant to the content on your blog. This is important because the probability of a visitor clicking on one of your ads increases because the ad is about content he or she is searching for.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Selling other people's products and getting a commission for each sale you refer.

This is an easy way to start earning money on the internet. To get started with affiliate marketing follow these steps.

1. Create a free account at

2. Search the marketplace for relevant products that fit the theme of your blog.

3. Add these products to your blog with your affiliate link.

The next step is start generating traffic to your blog so you can make adsense income from visitors clicking on your ads and affiliate commissions by selling other people's products.

I have given you 2 methods that will not cost you any money, only your time to implement the methods. This methods will get you started making your first dollar online.

This two methods are only meant for you to start making your first dollar online. If you intend to make a full time income with adsense and affiliate marketing, then check out this adsense templates package. This package comes complete with 100 adsense templates in profitable niches, video tutorials, free software, ebooks and more to give you the best chance at being successful. Get the full story by visiting:

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Work at Home Based Business With 6 Steps in 2008-2009

Creating and running an effective online business is realistically comprised of several hundred, rather than 6, but this will serve as a guide for the direction of your efforts. Contrary to what you may hear rampantly on the Internet, there is no cookie-cutter, get-rich quick scheme on the web. Not only is every online business different, what works for one person or in one month may not work for another person or in the next month.

The Internet is constantly changing, and the online market is inherently different this year than it was last year. New technological improvements occur monthly, and impact the online business environment. What works for one individual when he is the first to sell a certain product a certain way may not work just six months later when he has sold his idea to 40,000 other marketers, and they all begin to promote it. Traffic generation tactics are significantly different than they were just a year ago, and hardly resemble profitable strategies three years ago.

These 6 Steps are simply the bare-bones skeleton of what has to happen for your online business to be successful. They are foundational, and although the implementation strategies are different today than several years ago, the basic steps remain the same.

1. Develop or discover a product. You must find a product that meets today’s needs. A 5 year old product whose resell rights you can buy for a dollar or get for free probably won’t meet the needs of today’s consumers. You must be willing to pay for the rights to sell a current , useful product, or become an affiliate marketer, where you promote a popular product, and in exchange are paid a percentage of the income from the sale.

2. Determine how the potential customers can view your product and see a sales presentation. If you develop your own product or purchase the rights to sell someone else’s, you will need a website. A few tips here: Rather than accept free web hosting, purchase your own domain name and pay to have your domain name and web site hosted by a professional web hosting company with a reputable history. If your free web hosting company goes bankrupt, they generally take your fledgling business with them.

3. Once you have your web site up and running, unless you are using an affiliate program that supplies a sales page, you must develop a sales script and web copy. Aside from your web hosting decision, this is probably the most important thing you can do. You may be tempted at first to write a sales pitch on your own, but unless you already have a lot of experience in the offline market writing effective sales letters, you need to, absolutely must, invest in a few courses on web copywriting. Be willing to spend some money upfront on learning this skill. Too many marketers try to wing it in this area and after a few months of losing money online, finally break down and purchase the knowledge to write a good sales pitch. Do it the other way around—buy the knowledge first, and start making sales from the beginning. Customers will not buy just because you have a web site---they buy from the web site that does the best job of convincing them it has the best product for their need.

4. You must develop a traffic source that works. When you first begin, you may be on a shoestring, and that is OK. Assuming you have been willing to spend some money on sales letter writing and a decent web host, you may be able to skimp in the traffic arena for awhile, if you have plenty of time. If you do not have money to advertise, nor time to seek out low cost advertising, you probably shouldn’t be attempting an online business. If you do choose to go the low-cost route—know two things up front—the returns are really low and you will spend vast amounts of time on traffic generation. Once you begin to make sales, you must invest your income in paid forms of traffic generation. If you do not, you will run out of enthusiasm for generating the free traffic, and without reinvesting the income from your first sales into advertising, you are sure to fail. Good sources of low-cost, but time consuming traffic are: writing articles and posting them to article directories, low cost classified ads, and ezine ads. You may see hyped-up ads for thousands or visitors for a low cost or millions of banner ads for another reasonable price—both of these methods may have worked 2 years ago, but they are a sure waste today.

5. Once you begin to get traffic to your online business site, you must keep detailed records of where the traffic comes from, and what percentage of visitors from each source are purchasing your product. If you have visitors that cost you $50 per hundred to come to your web site, but on average they only purchase $25 per hundred visitors, the income may feel good, but you are not profitable, and are losing money. By tracking your expenses on each type of visitor and by tracking your revenue on the same sources of visitors, you can determine which campaigns need changes or need to be eliminated and which need to be increased in intensity.

6. By following this pattern of steps, and by keeping diligent records (there is plenty of good web site tracking software on the market that can help you do that), you can develop a profitable online business. Again, it will not happen overnight, and you will not get rich quick. However, if you build a solid online business with a solid foundation, and are willing to spend some money learning how to do it right, you really can become successful in business online. Click Below To More Complete Information.

Work at Home Moms Make More Money Working at Home

The internet has taken on new meaning for work at home moms, allowing moms to not only stay home with their children but to also get paid to work at home. This is a huge turn of events in light of the current economic situation in the United States and abroad. It is important for moms to make more money working at home now more than ever. Most families require 2 incomes to survive, leaving children to be brought up by day care workers or family members. The cost of daycare alone is a full-time paycheck for most families.

Getting paid to stay at home is a necessity. Without this additional income mothers all over the world are forced to make a decision between their children and that second income. The economy is not going to get better anytime soon. Work at home moms need to make more money working at home. They must be able to survive while nurturing their children, teaching them, and guiding them into adulthood.

Now comes the question of how do these moms accomplish this task of how to make more money working from home? The internet is inundated with ways to launch an online business. Finding any program that does not just make promises of wealth is a job in itself. Once any person decides to be a work at home mom (or dad), the next step is to research the businesses available.

There are key points to look for when searching for an online business that can produce enough additional income for your family. First, look at the business itself, is it a solidly structured program that puts you as the business owner in a position to grow. Secondly, does the business promote a realistic outcome that even the newest entrepreneur can accomplish. And last but not least, does this new business have a physical address, a person that you can call for support and a legally structured program in place. Most of the latter information is found in the terms of service that all businesses should disclose completely.

In order for moms to make more money working at home they have to allow enough time to work their business in a productive manner. These moms have a natural ability to not only make more money working at home but to also take care of the multitude of responsibilities of raising children at the same time. This natural ability that work at home moms have is exactly why they have a higher success rate in online businesses than if they had a traditional job outside of the home. Keeping with the trend of the current economy this is the most reliable and stable form of income than any traditional job can offer. Moms know, they adapt and then overcome with such grace and dignity that most people actually miss this concept.

Work at home moms make more money working at home because they are driven by a desire to raise their children. You also are able to learn from any mom out there that is successfully running an online business. If you understand the concept, anyone, even dads can work from home. Just focusing on the end result is a key factor, this is what

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Making Money Online For Beginners

Have you ever considered getting into a home based business? The mere thought of trying to create a stream of income on the Internet sends chills down the spines of most average human beings. Making money online is simply not considered possible for "the average joe" these days. There are 2 main reasons why people don't take the first step into online business. One is money - they think it costs too much ( in many cases it does). The other reason is knowledge.

Or should I say, the lack of knowledge? Most people don't have any idea how net-business works. I mean, who knows how to get started making money on the Internet? It is a bit unclear isn't it? If you don't have someone to take you by the hand and show you how it's done then you are most likely going to bungle it unless you are an "Einstein." But take heart, it's not as bad as you might think. The Internet does offer many legitimate opportunities for building a realistic income right from your own home computer and it doesn't require huge amounts of money or a degree in web-based business to get started.

So, how does a newcomer to online business start the process of jumping aboard the money-making train? Let's start with finances. How much money do we want to fork over to get this train moving? Just because the start up costs are cheap does not mean you will be saving money. In fact, most of the time just the opposite is true, you will be wasting money. Generally speaking, I would stay away from eBooks and "how to" courses that you download off the net. Sure they are cheap, but you've heard the saying, "Ya get what ya pay for" right? Well, there's a reason why they say that. It's usually true! And in a lot of cases, these things are just outright frauds. With these products you will get your download and then a pat on the back by the seller saying "See ya later!", then you are basically on your own. So, what happens when there's something there you don't understand? What happens if you are unfamiliar with the terminology being used? What happens if you're like me, and don't have the patience to analyze page after page of bone-dry text? I can't count the number of eBooks, get rich quick schemes, and outright scams I have bought online. Then I sat there scratching my head, blinking like an owl, wondering why it didn't work for me.

The problem with most of these quick download products is that they don't provide any kind of support structure, whether it be online, phone or email (all three would be ideal). And that is exactly what a neophyte needs when getting involved in a home based business for the first time. The beginner needs someone that knows what they are doing to give them some backup if they get stuck. If you want to get into a worthy online venture which has a good support network, you will have to make a moderate investment. Good news is, it will not necessarily suck your bank account down to the last drop. Almost anyone can afford some of the effective programs that are on the net these days.

Now let's get down to some nuts and bolts. To make any substantial amount of money online you will absolutely need to have a website. And what's more, you are going to need something to sell with your website. Now don't panic. You will not need to design and build your own website from scratch unless you really want to. In which case, I say go ahead and give it a try. Just be warned, it takes time and knowledge to build a good website from the ground up. But there are alternatives if you are like me and would rather let somebody else do the "heavy lifting." I suggest looking for one of the many opportunities on the web that will provide you a website and a product to sell with that website.

Bear with me now, I'm going to rattle off a few things here. If you have ever heard the phrase "turnkey website", you may be familiar with one of, if not the premier way for beginners to make money online. A turnkey website is a website that is largely already set up and ready to go, with maybe just some minor customizing needing to be made. Think of it this way, it's like a house that has already been furnished with everything you would need for living in it. All you have to do is move in and rearrange the furniture the way you like, or maybe paint the walls the a different color. In a lot cases, these turnkey websites are provided by companies running their own affiliate programs. An affiliate program is where you enter into an agreement with a company to advertise a product or service for them and in return receive a commission when you sell that product or service. Thus, you would be an affiliate of that company. These turnkey affiliate programs are an ideal way for beginners to get started in Internet marketing because the buyer is set up with a fully functional website ready to make sales online; and the investment required is relatively small. There are thousands of people making money online right now with turnkey website-based affiliate programs. Just Google "affiliate programs" or "turnkey websites" and see what you find.

Another way many rookies make money online are direct-sales programs. In direct-sales programs the new webmaster is given a pre-built website and a product to sell with that website. The product is entirely owned by the new webmaster. It's a little different than the turnkey method, in that you can actually set up your own web hosting and domain name for your new website. This is great because you can "brand" your website with your own unique domain name ( example: www.domain and optimize it for search engines such as Google, which in turn can increase traffic flow to the website and consequently increase sales. These direct-sales programs usually include training in marketing techniques and include a variety of internet advertising tools so the website owner can sell directly to the customer. There is no commission involved here. In direct-sales programs the website owner gets 100 percent of all sales.

One direct-sales program that I like for it's simplicity of design, in depth training, and responsive support network (online, email and phone), is called IPC Instant Cash. For the most part, it's a turnkey-based online marketing system that uses the direct sales model. With IPC Instant Cash you will get your own website and product to sell. Thousands of investors are taking advantage of this system, a great number of them being "newbies". If you are really looking for a home-based business that is suitable for entry level entrepreneurs, which furnishes a complete system, a decent product to sell, and an all inclusive training package, this program is a good choice. The IPC Instant Cash program walks you through the online marketing process and shows you exactly how to set up your website so that it can start making money online for you as quickly as possible. Many members make their first sale just hours after getting started. There are not many programs that provide a complete package like this system does for slightly under $100.

Another program I will mention is Profit Lance, which is structured to be more like an affiliate program. This system sets the buyer up with multiple affiliate projects, but usually takes longer to produce a realistic income because the payment process with affiliate programs is slower than with direct-sales programs. This can sometimes be a problem for beginners who may be impatiently waiting to see results and get paid. Affiliate programs sometimes take up to 60 days to pay their representatives. However, with IPC Instant Cash the reps are paid immediately through a payment process that is set up to deposit directly to their account, which gives them instant access to their money.

The main thing for beginners to keep in mind when searching for a home based business that has a realistic chance for making money online is, go slow and choose carefully. There are programs out there that do make money online. But in contrast, there are many scams, frauds, and get rich quick schemes that will separate you from you money so fast your head will spin. So be thoughtful and perform your due diligence. Google is a great source of information for anything you might be interested in. Use it! Don't reach for the first flickering jewel you come across because some of those flickering jewels will burn you. Recognize that you will have to put effort into any online marketing program in order to get rewards from it. Sometimes it just takes time to learn the basics of online marketing, which causes a lot of newcomers to give up before they can reach that point of "critical mass". Unfortunately most beginners have unrealistic expectations of large amounts of money flowing into their account from day one. I have yet to find a program online that will speed down the information superhighway making tons of money for me while I sit back watching tv. Give it some time, keep working at it, and don't give up! Last but not least remember, you will have to take that first step if you want to get your online income stream flowing. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. If you do nothing, nothing will change. Good luck, and all the best!

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A Review of Pay–Per-Click Domination

Jim Yaghi recently came out with a video course on pay-per-click advertising specifically targeted to network marketers and I had the privilege to be part of the beta group that had the first opportunity to benefit from the program. Jim Yaghi is a protégé of Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring fame and in this course he details how he used Google pay-per-click to explode his business online. In this article, I will provide you some background about Jim Yaghi, provide some details about the course, and help you decide if this course is for you.

Who Is Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi is the # 1 affiliate for the “Magnetic Sponsoring” ebook by Mike Dillard. That has got to tell you that this guy knows his stuff. He started out in network marketing in July 2006 knowing absolutely nothing and through trial and error with newspaper advertising, Ebay advertising and then Google ads, he became a very successful internet network marketer.

What Do You Get

Included in the course you get a series of 14 online video, 3 pdf format resources, and 2 recorded Q&A calls. The videos are very detailed and take you step-by-step through the process of developing a successful and profitable Google ad campaign. And you don’t have to be a techie to understand what Jim goes through. He assumes that you are a newbie so everything is covered and no knowledge is assumed. The format of the videos is the tutorial followed by a hands on workshop where you do the steps that Jim has just taught you. By the time you finish the course, your specifically targeted Google ad campaign is ready for launch.

Video Series

Forward Video – About Jim Yaghi. In this video Jim provides some background about himself and his history from university student to successful internet network marketer.

I. Preparing To Advertise

Video 1: Introduction: The Sales Funnel. Jim goes through the components of a good internet selling system which includes a lead generation page, a sales letter, an auto responder, and a funded proposal product.

Video 2: The Perfect Prospect. Jim gives you the questions to ask yourself regarding who would be the perfect prospect for your business and who your target market is. He then describes the marketing relationship that you will develop with this prospect and how. This section is key for creating a targeted Google ad campaign.

Video 3: Domain Names: Getting Your Internet Street Address. In this video, Jim provides some great tips on how to choose the most appropriate domain name for your internet network marketing business.

Video 4: Landing Pages: How to Create a Welcome Mat that Turns Visitors into Friends. In this video, Jim talks about the purpose of a landing page and the key components of a landing page. Jim then helps you develop your landing page.

II. AdWords Concepts

Video 5: Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing. Jim goes into the basics of pay per click advertising.

Video 6: Getting a Hang of the Basics: How to Setup Your Google Account for the First Time. Jim shows you how to setup your Google account and shows you how to set up your first ad and campaign.

Video 7: The AdWords Command Center: A Guided Tour of the AdWords Interface. Jim goes through the AdWords interface and helps you to refine your ads.

Video 8: Targeting Prospects to Capture: How to Match Keywords to Search Strings. Jim goes into how to target your prospects with various strategies including using the different keyword and keyword phrase matching options provided by Google.

Video 9: The 3 Minute Work Day: How to Use Split-Testing to Slash Click Cost and Boost Returns. In this video, Jim details how to make your ads more effective with an eye to reducing your cost of conversion. Jim shows you how to do split-testing. He also gives you a 3-minute routine to do every day to tweak your Google ad campaigns to increase ad effectiveness and reduce ad costs.

Video 10: Finding the Hot Buttons: How to Write Effective Sponsored Ads. In this video, Jim shows you how to write an effective ad.

III. Increasing Exposure with Keywords

Video 11: Keyword Reconnaissance: How to Uncover the “Money” Keyword Terms. This video really gets into the keywords that are relevant to the network marketer.

Video 12: Keyword Reconnaissance 2: Tools for Keyword Research. In this video, Jim goes into more detail regarding keywords for network marketers. He also describes a number of keyword research tools that you can use to fine-tune your Google ad keywords.

Conclusion Video. Jim provides his closing remarks and suggestions as to how to get started and the marketing budget you should start out with.

Additional Resources

· Stage1: The Pain Mind Map. This describes the different pain points experienced by unsuccessful network marketers. This is key in targeting your prospects.

· Stage 2: General Network Marketing Information Queries. These are the searches that someone that is just starting out researching network marketing or business opportunities on the web would make.

· Stage 3: Queries Specific To Opportunity. These are the searches that someone that is further along in their network marketing or business opportunity research would make and would include the company name.


Jim Yaghi’s PPC Domination is a comprehensive video course that covers pay per click advertising for the network marketer whether they are a newbie or an experienced internet advertiser. The step-by-step guidance in the tutorials and the homework assignment helps the student to come out with an effective targeted Google ad campaign upon completion of the course. What makes this really relevant to the network marketer is this course is specifically for the network marketer and provides keyword ideas that are not covered in any other course. I would highly recommend this for any network marketer who wants to kickstart their internet network marketing business. I would also recommend it to those network marketers who are building their internet network marketing business with social media and attraction marketing as those techniques take some time to generate traffic while a properly tweaked Google AdWords program can generate traffic almost immediately. The final version of the Pay Per Click Domination course is launching shortly (January 19, 2009) so make sure you keep an eye out for it.

While you are waiting for the release, if you want to see some videos on the results for Pay Per Click Domination, please go to the following website address

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Making Money from List Building Seems Impossible to Some People

You probably read and heard a lot about list building before you realized the power in it. When you did, you may have gone all out, learning everything you could about list building, and you may have built a pretty good list. But though you followed the gurus' advice to the letter, though you're paying for an autoresponder service and you may even be growing your list fast with co-registration, you still can't make enough to cover the expense. You start to wonder, "Where did I go wrong?"

A common mistake is that you didn't research the niche you're list building in thoroughly. Though it might be your passion, how many other people consider it their passion, too? I mean, how many people are interested in Tibetan yak butter tea? There might be a lot, but you won't know that, for more details visit to until you learn how many people are actively searching for "yak butter tea" in the search engines. But let's say that you did the work and the niche is powerful. That still doesn't mean that you'll make money just because you built a list. You need to build a rapport with your audience. Here are some tips to get you going in the right direction:

1) Be generous. Give information away. Turn your list on to free products that are useful for your niche. Give them quality stuff that will improve their lives or their businesses, and they'll love you. To further enhance your standing as an expert in your niche, write some articles and get them into the article directories. Also join forums so that you know what the people in your niche want and think. Stick around and answer some questions, too. People will see you as an expert, if you help them. People will begin to trust you once you start building a reputation, and when that happens, they'll buy the products you recommend.

2) Find product to sell that are a) in line with your niche and b) that the people in that niche want. Let's say you're in the Persian cat niche. If you try to sell the people on your list dog toys, it won't work. Oh, you might make a random sale or two because cat people sometimes have dogs as well, for more details visit to but the solid cat people won't be remotely interested. You're wasting your time. But whatever the product is be sure to buy it first and try it out. If you sell a bad product to the people on your list, you'll regret it. Not only will you get mail, you may have to make some refunds, but the worst thing is that it will damage your credibility and all your hard list building work is out the window. Sales pros say that every person that's unhappy with you tells an average of 27 other people. That can add up, so you don't want that to happen.

3) Become friendly with people your niche who have big lists. Go to conventions and meet people, and see if you can make connections. You can get great advice on dos and don'ts from people who have already been list building in your niche and are making money. When you've grown your own list, you can become joint venture partners and share the benefit, making it a win-win proposition.

Even if list building and making money from list building seems impossible to some people, you can make a million dollars in a day when you take the time to build a list of buyers that you've established a relationship with. When you fail to bond, your list building efforts just sink. Be sure to maintain the quality of information you give to people and that the products you recommend are good ones. When you do those things, your list will become the most important asset in your business and list building the most important activity.

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A Great Way To Market Your Home Business

Now that you have started your home based business your task is to figure out how to market it to the public. There are several ways to help your new business gain popularity. One of the easiest is to start writing articles.
When one of your articles is accepted in a directory it is posted on the web and you get a valuable link back to your site. The more you write the more link popularity you will have. The more links you have the more popular you become.

Also the more links you have to your site the better chance you will have that someone will see them and go to your site. This is a great strategy for new home business owners because you can do this for free. This will take a little time to see the results but will be very profitable in the long run.

Another popular way to advertise is by using pay per click ads. This is when you write a small ad and pay a search engine so much per person that clicks on your add. The advantage to this method is that the public sees your add almost immediately.

You just research the keywords that you want to bid for and then you pay so much for each click. This can very tricky and takes a lot of knowledge and training to be profitable. You can loose a lot of money in a short period of time if you don’t know what you are doing.

Another great way to get massive amounts of exposure is advertising Co-Ops. This is when you get a certain amount of people together and pay a large fee to advertise in a large area. For example, home business magazines.

You might get a group of 50 people together and pay 500 dollars each to advertise in a large group of the top home business magazines. The people that subscribe to these magazines want to start a home based business. The beauty is they are already qualified as a targeted lead!

This is a proven off line tactic that will bring many people to you door. Being involved in a Co-Op that goes in the top business magazines will give you a huge amount of credibility. It shows the world that even though you are new you are committed to your business 100%!

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